Sweet Kale Almond Smoothie.


His & Hers.  Yours & Mine.

Do you see that bright green color???  OHHHHHH I love it!  You can see the nutrients!  The fact:  I drink a lot of smoothies… in fact most of family does too.  It basically comes down to this… they’re fast, nutrient dense and I can throw pretty much anything in them and they taste so good.  Fast food my style!  Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.  My kids drink them for breakfast or before practice.  We have them for breakfast or quick lunches while running out the door.  Plus my garden is brimming with fresh spinach and kale and I promise you… if you add it your kids won’t taste it!  Other flavors dominate it and it is virtually undetectable.  Plus getting extra nutrients from dark, leafy greens is essential.  I added cinnamon to this recipe which is a great anti-inflammatory.  Great post workout!  Also, it’s been shown to lower cholesterol  and lower blood sugar.

This recipe, like most of my recipes as of late, are vegan. You can always use whatever milk you prefer.  I make all of my smoothies in my Vitamix Pro 750.  Regular blenders may be used but may require a bit more liquid to thin it out the consistency.  One last note on smoothies, for now, they are great post workout to allow your body to focus on healing your muscles you tore up during your workout v. digesting a big breakfast post workout.  Turnover and recovery so you can get back out working out sooner is my focus.
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Strawberry Overload Protein Smoothie. {vegan} {gluten free}

IMG_5148 Our strawberry patch is exploding with fresh, gorgeous, organic strawberries!  After bringing in about 5 lbs I thought it would be fun to whip up some strawberry milk for my youngest (her fave) and it quickly turned into a protein smoothie.  She loves strawberry milk (almond, that is) but I opted to pack it with additional protein to help bulk up a bit, she’s on the small side.  This is just another way of using up some of the gorgeous summery strawberries you might have on hand.  Makes the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack.  Also makes the perfect dessert! [Read more…]

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Green smoothie bowl.


While going through my Instagram friend feed I stumbled upon A Blonde Vegan’s green smoothie lunch and I became intrigued.  I really love her recipes and outlook on food/health.  If you get a chance, check her out.  As for me, I’m new to veganism (5 months in) and much of my feed is from vegans…

I observe.
I research.
I learn.
It’s all a process.

I tried her recipe last week and then morphed it a bit to suit my needs for lunch and wanted to post the recipe.  It’s quite good and very filling.  Packed with vital nutrients and protein… I’m all over it.  You can certainly adapt the sweetness level by adding more or less fruit to the smoothie.  But overall, this is a winner hands down!  I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to make your very own!

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. {gf} {vegan}


Snacking in my house is crucial.  The snacks I make are used for breakfast out the door.  Pre-swim or tennis snack.  After school snack.  Dessert.  With a cup of coffee treat. I just got home from a killer run and I’m starving snack.  You name it.  And with 5 people in my house… we go through a lot of snack items.  I prefer to make them so I know they’re gluten free and vegan for my oldest who has given that up for health reasons.  These are totally yummy. Easy to make.  Quick to bake and don’t last very long because they taste so good.  You can’t go wrong with bananas and chocolate in my book.  I hope you enjoy!

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Chocolate Cashew Protein Smoothie.

Want a sip?

It’s Friday!  It’s a long weekend and I’m so excited because today we head out to my favorite city, New York, to visit my best friend in the whole world and her family who are going to be there this weekend touring the awesomeness that the city has to offer.  Since getting our puppy in December my trips to New York haven’t happened.  I love NYC in the spring.  I’m also so excited to be surrounded by vegan restaurants to try!  I’m so happy I could burst.

Today I got up at 5 am and headed out for a run knowing I was going to be in the car for a bit today not moving around (I hate that).  I haven’t been feeling my runs lately mostly because the heat and humidity have arrived and I’m so not a fan.  But happily when I stepped outside, I found the weather cool and crisp.  I was thrilled.  I wanted to do 8-10 miles and at a slower pace around 8:30 mm.  I just ran and loved it.  I was faster than I wanted to be but I felt great.  It went pretty fast and I arrived home and couldn’t wait to whip up a smoothie to speed along my recovery and energize me for a long day ahead.

This recipe is super delicious and totally kid-friendly.  It’s packed with protein for muscle recovery and tastes so decadent that it feels like dessert – which it should feel like on a Friday of a long weekend when you’re husband takes Friday off too!  [Read more…]

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Flourless banana peanut butter muffins.


I know that their are thousands of banana muffin recipes out there in the blogosphere but I wanted to make something that my oldest (who has given up dairy and gluten) could eat happily not feeling like these were “different” like so many gluten free breads/treats are.  Although the gf market has come a very long way, many items still taste like cardboard and I’m continuously on a mission for her not to feel like she’s left out with food choices.  For these I went the flourless route.  I used chunky peanut butter (organic) and some very ripe bananas. These came out great.  Chocolate chips or nuts would also be a welcome addition to these as well.   A treat the whole family can enjoy even those who are gluten free.

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Almond butter chocolate smoothie.


This smoothie was my brainchild during my longish run yesterday.  This is what I do when I run.  I mediate, I pray for people in my life who need it and I create recipes.  Some are successful and some are great failures.  Thankfully this one was a huge success because after 8 miles, you tend to be hungry or you will be in the near future.  This protein smoothie hit the spot for a post workout, easily digestible fuel.  It’s really important to let your body heal the muscles you tore up immediately after a workout and not worry about trying to digest a big breakfast.  I do smoothies within 30 minutes of the workout then eat a snack or breakfast about 1.5 hrs afterwards.  I feel like my recovery time is faster when I do this.

This smoothie was also a hit with my girls.  So totally kid approved!  It tastes like a peanut butter cup only better for you!

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Blueberry coconut muffins. {vegan}


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with family and friends.  Saturday we took my gift card that I won from Nordstrom and went shopping with my family.  I have to admit, we had so much fun and remarkably 1. I have plenty of money left to shop in the future and 2. I didn’t buy the most items – my husband did!  Both surprises if you know me.  Sunday was spent at brunch then enjoying the glorious weather with walks, bike rides with my cool new helmet and laying in the grass and I even managed a nap.

This is a new week and I’m getting back on schedule after a week of resting post two races.  Today I started my day with a difficult tempo run and then 2 dog walks.  Afterwards, I had a meeting at the local coffee shop in my grocery store.  After that was over I did a quick loop through the store, how could I not, and spotted the most enormous, glorious blueberries.  I love blueberries.  I picked up two packages and thought that I needed to whip up some muffins.  These are not gluten free but they are vegan.  I also used coconut palm sugar instead of regular – but regular would work.  These will be a welcome surprise snack for my family as everyone, minus my oldest, loves blueberries!

Happy Monday!

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Almond butter coconut oatmeal. {gf} {vegan}



I apologize for being so neglectful this week with posts.  Between recovery and life, my blog has been a bit on the back burner.  I wanted to post this recipe because I just whipped it up.  Hope you enjoy it!

I love oatmeal.  I haven’t always been a fan but I’ve grown to absolutely love it!  It’s a blank canvas.  You can add fruit, nut butters, coconut mana… pretty much anything and its perfection! I have bouts from time to time with low blood sugar and before heading out to a friend’s house and then a business lunch I started to feel lightheaded.  I thought I would whip up some oatmeal and add some good protein – Justin’s Maple Almond Butter to help continue to heal my muscles.  It was just the trick!  Whips up in about 2 minutes and it is to die for!  Perfect quick breakfast for children too v. the store packets which are filled with refined sugar.

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Raw Triple Chocolate Banana Bites.


Mountain of deliciousness.  Clean eating does not have to be boring or without chocolate!

Before we headed out of town last Friday for our race weekend, I wanted to whip up a healthy treat for my girls to have on hand.  These are totally dairy and gluten free.  They are a twist on my classic energy balls/bites that I make. I also rolled these in organic unsweetened cocoa powder which added a complimentary bitter to sweet balance.  Protein packed these are great for a post-workout snack or just a treat when you’re craving something chocolate.  No guilt here!  I store these in the fridge and love them cold.  I make them bite-sized so you can pop them and go!  Portable perfection. [Read more…]

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