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I apologize for being so neglectful this week with posts.  Between recovery and life, my blog has been a bit on the back burner.  I wanted to post this recipe because I just whipped it up.  Hope you enjoy it!

I love oatmeal.  I haven’t always been a fan but I’ve grown to absolutely love it!  It’s a blank canvas.  You can add fruit, nut butters, coconut mana… pretty much anything and its perfection! I have bouts from time to time with low blood sugar and before heading out to a friend’s house and then a business lunch I started to feel lightheaded.  I thought I would whip up some oatmeal and add some good protein – Justin’s Maple Almond Butter to help continue to heal my muscles.  It was just the trick!  Whips up in about 2 minutes and it is to die for!  Perfect quick breakfast for children too v. the store packets which are filled with refined sugar.

Single serving


1/2 cup of rolled oats (I use Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Oats Organic)
Coconut water (1/2 cup or more)
1 tablespoon of almond butter (I used Justin’s maple)
Sliced toasted almonds
Maple syrup

Optional:  Enjoy Life vegan mini chocolate chips


Into a mini saucepan, add your oats and enough coconut water (at least 1/2 cup) to make the mixture watery texture.  Bring it to a boil, whisking constantly.  I typically add a bit more (3/4 cup) coconut water to the mixture because I like it looser than thick.  It is a preference thing and you can determine that while cooking.  The oats cook in about 2 minutes or less.  While cooking I add the tablespoon of almond butter so it melts into the oat mixture.  You can use more for topping if you prefer.  Then spoon into your bowl.  Top with almonds and a drizzle of maple syrup.  You can also top with mini chocolate chips etc.


— Knead to Cook

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