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Do you see that bright green color???  OHHHHHH I love it!  You can see the nutrients!  The fact:  I drink a lot of smoothies… in fact most of family does too.  It basically comes down to this… they’re fast, nutrient dense and I can throw pretty much anything in them and they taste so good.  Fast food my style!  Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.  My kids drink them for breakfast or before practice.  We have them for breakfast or quick lunches while running out the door.  Plus my garden is brimming with fresh spinach and kale and I promise you… if you add it your kids won’t taste it!  Other flavors dominate it and it is virtually undetectable.  Plus getting extra nutrients from dark, leafy greens is essential.  I added cinnamon to this recipe which is a great anti-inflammatory.  Great post workout!  Also, it’s been shown to lower cholesterol  and lower blood sugar.

This recipe, like most of my recipes as of late, are vegan. You can always use whatever milk you prefer.  I make all of my smoothies in my Vitamix Pro 750.  Regular blenders may be used but may require a bit more liquid to thin it out the consistency.  One last note on smoothies, for now, they are great post workout to allow your body to focus on healing your muscles you tore up during your workout v. digesting a big breakfast post workout.  Turnover and recovery so you can get back out working out sooner is my focus.


1 cup or handful of kale (organic preferred) stem removed
1.5 cups of almond milk (I use unsweetened)
1 frozen banana
1 pitted Medjool date
1 tablespoon of almond butter (I used Justin’s maple)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
4-6 ice cubes
Optional:  1 tablespoon of hemp protein powder


Add all of the ingredients in the order listed.  Set to smoothie setting and let it rip!  Pour into a large glass and enjoy!

To conclude out this week of training this is what I’ve done:


Fitness fun…

Sunday run 5 miles 8:30
Tuesday run 5:21 @ 7:55, 1.52 miles @ 8:08, .51 @ 8:22 pace
Thursday run 6.01 @ 8:12 and 1.75 miles @ 8:30
Friday run 5.14 miles 7:56

Total for the week: 25.15 at 3:25:18
Monthly total:  51.25 miles at 6:56:21

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – weight lifting and cross training.

I need to replace my sneakers because my Saucony’s are killing my knees and giving me shin splints.  Not good.  I’ve been relegated to the treadmill to help with knee pain.  I did score a pair of my favorite Mizuno’s but I’m awaiting their arrival.  I need to get another pair to get into rotation.

I also finally caved in, much to my chagrin, and got a road bike to ride with my husband.  He’s thrilled, I’m getting better with the thought.  Last Sunday I ran 5 miles then rode 12 miles.  I need to go for my 3 hour fitting of the bike.  It caused me some pain in various areas (will spare you the details) and can’t wait to ride longer.

Here’s my new whip!  I will admit, I’m already excited!  The bike is so light!!!  And of course I was in love… because it’s black!

photo 4


photo 2

And lastly to conclude my week… our new fridge arrived and I have to admit this sight makes me smitten!  After much research and debate we opted not to go with a built-in fridge because I need more room than they can provide.  We ordered this one with a 4th drawer that I can stash my snacks in and I’m in love.

photo 3

Robin~ oxo

— Knead to Cook

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  1. I am trying t get into this whole healthy smoothie thing for a while but never actually do it. this will be my first. Wish me luck. .)

    1. LOTS of luck! Just try one smoothie per day. Even prep your ingredients at night in ziploc baggies. Then just add to your blender. Pop back and let me know how you do!!! oxo

  2. I am so inspired by your posts! Have you thought of getting a gel seat cover for your bike? I got mine for a spinning class and transitioned it to the bike (purchased it at Dick’s Sporting goods). I am a newbie runner and just started last Fall ’13. I also wear Mizuno’s.

    1. Barb, I go for my 3 hour bike fitting in a few weeks and they will analyze everything. I do have a gel seat cover for spin too but haven’t used it on this bike. I did manage to ride 18 miles yesterday and it only hurt for the last 4-5 which was great 🙂 Improvement! I’m embracing this new journey, albeit scary. I ordered two pair of Mizunos and can’t wait for them to arrive this week. Sauconys aren’t for me.