Raw Vegan GF Pie Crust.

Raw Vegan GF Pie Crust.
Raw Vegan GF Pie Crust.

In preparation for our Easter travels… I normally make some food to take with us for Easter dinner with my in-laws.  I try to prepare foods that everyone will eat but accommodate the dietary restrictions of my daughter, husband and myself. I told my mother-in-law that I would make a raw key lime pie, because it’s my daughter’s favorite, and something that everyone can enjoy. Plus I want to keep our food choices light and springy.

Being a plant-based vegan and eating out.  How do you do it?  I get this question all the time.  I know there are many people who don’t like titles of “vegan” or “plant-based” but it I find that it is what it is.  I am and I fall within that category.  When we go out for dinner, I’m quite selective where we eat if isn’t a vegan restaurant.  I specify that I’m vegan and ask if they can accommodate.  Almost always, they are happy to do so and love having the head’s up is always easier giving the chef time to prepare.  For Easter, we go to my in-laws home and they aren’t vegan or vegetarian.  I always happily bring a dish or two to share that I know will cover our dietary needs.  I’m still working on what that entree item is right now.  But I’m preparing a dessert – raw/vegan/gf key lime pie using this crust recipe.  I’m also making my breakfast quinoa coconut bread to take up as well to share with everyone.  Breakfast breads are super easy and perfect for busy mornings like on Easter when we’re rushing off to church service.  It’s protein-filled and packed with flavor.  I make it at home, freeze it until we leave and add some fruit – breakfast is served!  Easter brings light dishes.  Salads are perfect menu items that everyone can enjoy.  Roasted veggies, crudités and fruit salads are also great ideas. Foods that are closest to their original form, from the earth, are easy, healthy and enjoyable.


1 cup of walnuts
1/2 cup Macadamia nuts
1/2 cup pistachios
1/2 cup of toasted coconut flakes
8 Medjool dates, pitted
Pinch or two of salt


Place all of your ingredients into your food processor and blend until the crust mix is completely broken down and when you pinch it – it sticks together.

Take a 9 inch tart pan with a removable bottom and spray it with coconut or baking spray.  Remove the bowl from the food processor and dump the nut mixture into the center of your prepared tart pan. Gently start leveling the mixture and spreading it out evenly throughout the pan.  Press up the sides.  Ensure that the mixture is even throughout.  Then cover with plastic wrap and store in your freezer until you are ready to fill with whatever filling you wish.

I keep raw pies in the freezer until about 30 minutes prior to serving.  I let thaw at room temperature and slice/serve.


Recapping the week.  The one thing that I’m realizing is that post marathon running is just hard.  I feel like a snail.  I’m pushing as hard as I can but my pace is still slow.  After talking to several friends, this seems to be the end result for several weeks.  With my last marathon, I had surgery the week after so I didn’t experience this at all.  It’s humbling to say to least.  I’m still training for a half marathon and a ten miler I have coming up later this month and early May.  It may be what it is pace-wise but I need to get my distance back up there.

I’ve also focused more on lifting as I lacked in that department during my arduous marathon training.  Everything is back in swing and I’m so sore.  I love it.  Here’s my recap so far:

Sunday:  8 treadmill miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 treadmill miles, weights, core
Wednesday: 1 hour cycling in my trainer
Thursday: 4 mile progressive run on the treadmill, weights, legs, abs, shoulders


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Nut based crust are my favorite for everything! Cupcakes, nut butter cups, pies, ect. Mostly because they are ready instantly so I don’t have to wait to enjoy my treats:)
    These ones look delicious!