Coconut Mango Green Recovery Smoothie.


I’ve been drinking a lot  of smoothies lately.  They are so much easier on busy nights when I have board meetings, swim open house or doc appointments or for a quick lunch. This smoothie is one of my favorites.  I also love to make this after a run, like this morning, to help rebuild muscles and let my body recover after training.  I then eat my oatmeal a bit after – allowing my body’s efforts to tackle healing muscles versus digesting a big breakfast post run.

This smoothie is totally dairy free (as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been experimenting with my daughter’s diet removing dairy and gluten) and I’m amazed at how in 3 days the difference I’m seeing!  More on that later.  This also makes a great breakfast or snack.  Packed with protein!  Tastes incredibly tropical – which is a good thing any time of day.   My daughter loves smoothies for breakfast because she doesn’t have a big appetite first thing in the morning but knows she needs nutrient dense food to keep her mind and body going till lunch.  This is a great option, especially for those kids who shy away from veggies.  I promise – they will love this one!

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— Knead to Cook

Rain. Race plans. Running & Saucony sneaker review.


This has been our view all weekend long (not complaining because it isn’t snow) but it is that kind of weekend where you just want to curl up and read and watch good movies under a blanket.  Yesterday, I had taken a rest day for my legs because I was planning on doing a race today and to go car shopping with my husband.  By the evening, post church service, I checked the weather and had seen the outlook becoming more dismal.   The rains/winds hadn’t let up and were slated to get worse today (as they have) so I pulled the plug on my plans to travel this morning to run outdoors and replaced that with a run at the gym. I’m also fighting a lovely cold that my husband so generously shared with me and I knew what my best option was for a quick recovery so I can continue training and not get pneumonia.  I’ve run 4-5 half marathons in the rain and they aren’t fun.  End. Of.  Story!  Sometimes logic need to win out.

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— Knead to Cook

Spring training. Allergy season. Running and snow?


I admit, I’m confused.  I sit here and it’s supposed to be spring… the weekend was lovely and warm and now we have a pending snow storm? Tonight!  I think in all actuality it is supposed to only be a  dusting or an inch but really?? The calendar claims spring and honestly the winter has just been brutal.  Most of us have had enough.  Well my training continues and apparently now allergies, amidst the pending snow, have started.  Pollen count is nice and high and my husband, youngest and myself all feel like we’re dragging, foggy and just blah.  Regardless, the training must continue despite me wanting to stay in bed at 4:30 a.m. versus getting dressed and trudging to the gym but I do.  I alternate my run days with weights/cardio/abs so that was yesterday.  Today meant a run.  I’m rushing to get my 100 miles in for the FitFluential 100 mile challenge for March.  I did do it for February and that was a shorter month so this should be easy, right?  Ha.  I’m now up to 85.95 miles at 11:07:30 time.  If I knew I was so close to 86 I would’ve run it today but the totals come after my run was over.  Two more runs this week and I’ll be there.  I’m tossing around a race this weekend, just hoping my “fog” lifts and I find some good energy before I sign up.

Wearing:  Mizuno Wave Rider 16, Lucy endurance capris, Garmin 620 running watch, Jawbone UP 24 band.

That’s it from here.  I’m off to start working in the kitchen.

Sweat daily.


— Knead to Cook

Training. Valentine’s Day. And yes, more snow.


First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day to my awesome husband, best friend and supporter of my insane life.  Without him,  I would truly be nothing!  He cheers me on, he encourages me to be my best and he is the shoulder that I collapse into when I need support.  I’m blessed beyond words with this guy.

Now today is Valentine’s Day and post NorEaster snow storm that proved to be a two-punch whack to much of the East Coast.  For the past two days I’ve surpassed 31k steps on my Jawbone Up band and quite frankly… I’ve done half marathons and not hit this amount of steps.  I’ve only hit this marker three times in the past year and two times have been in the past two days.  I’m on target to do it again today… post shorter training run (because my legs have just been abused this week) and from chopping at ice that was plowed across my driveway making it impossible to get out this morning.  Thank you hubby again for the help!

image 2

But I wanted to start blogging more about my training (I already share a ton of Instagram if you follow me) but this was my shorter run of the week.  I have one more to go this weekend sometime.  For the week I’m at 23 miles.  Want to break that 30 mile mark by Sunday.  Monthly I’m at 41.18 miles.  I’m doing all of my running on the treadmill at my gym because its either too cold out, too icy or too snowy.  Can’t wait for spring or even just a mild warm-up at this point.

image 3

— Knead to Cook

Running. Training. And the Cabot Fit Team 2014.


I’m so honored and excited to announce that I’ll be representing Cabot Fit Team for another year and running in the Keybank Vermont City Marathon this May.  As an avid runner and health fanatic, I love representing Cabot!  As a company, their philosophy embodies everything I support.  They utilize local farmers for their incredible products.  The farmers are small, know their cattle and love what they do.  We had a wonderful opportunity to meet one of the farmer’s last year and I still cherish that opportunity.  Their cows are named and treated like valuable members of their family – not just a number like in larger, corporate farms.

Cabot also supports bloggers who have a passion for fitness.  You can read more about the Cabot Fit Team for 2014 with their press release by clicking here. Last year we ran the Beach to Beacon Race in Maine and I have to admit, that experience, meeting new friends and Olympians, exploring a new state, running an incredible race and experiencing the hospitality of Cabot was one of the most cherished experiences.  Along with some returning teammates from last year – we’re excited to add some fresh faces.  Can’t wait to meet you all in person!

Kelly from
Carissa from
Joanne from
Marlow from
Nicole from

And returning Cabot Fit Teammates:

Carolyn from
Katie from
Kristina from

I hope you get a chance to check out all of these awesome, healthy bloggers and share some love.  They are all great inspirations for fitness and clean eating… I’m honored to represent alongside them!

I love training in the winter, admittedly I’m not a fan of running in the heat.  I run early mornings – like 5 am because I totally dig the peace and quiet of the world.  Yes, I know, some people just don’t get it.  I pray, I meditate and I get into my own head and sort things out.  Sometimes I just run and don’t think.  But there is something quite peaceful when it’s dark… and the hustle and bustle hasn’t quite started yet.  Lately due to the horrendous winter we’ve been experiencing, I’ve been relegated to the treadmill at my gym for my runs.  I’ve been progressing right along and will continue to blog more about that.  Now let the training continue… at least on the treadmill (because winter may never end).


— Knead to Cook

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Race Recap.

photo 3

This weekend we traveled to Alexandria Virginia so that I could run in the delayed, thanks to the government shutdown, Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.  I’ll admit, as I’m getting older, post 3 knee surgeries, one major qualification for me selecting a race is that the course is mainly flat.  I know and accept my downfalls and my knees for sure are my preverbal Achilles’ heel.  I read the race description which noted basically a flat, just above sea-level course.  I was sold.  The date worked and I had trained so off we went.

Saturday we spent the day touring Old Town Alexandria. Shopping, eating and having fun.  It was a beautiful weekend.  It was the quintessential fall weekend.


photo 3 copy

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— Knead to Cook

Cabot Fit Team Recognition.


I was thrilled when I was contacted by my local newspaper to do a feature story about my participation in the Cabot Fit Team Beach To Beacon 10k this past August.  I sat down with Claudia, the reporter, at a local Starbucks and we spoke for literally 2+ hours.  I shared my story, my thoughts on food, fitness and motherhood with her.  We laughed a lot and enjoyed the company.  Today the article came out and I was so excited to see it.  In fact, I never shared this with anyone but my husband that this was even happening.  The article came out great and I wanted to share it with all of my friends who have made Knead to Cook what it is.   I also wanted to thank Cabot, once again, for the incredible opportunity to be apart of this team and represent what I believe to be one of the best companies out there!

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— Knead to Cook

NYRR Bronx Race Weekend Recap.


This weekend my husband and I celebrated our anniversary and his birthday.  We always hit the road and end up in NYC somewhere for a weekend of fun, food and laughs.  This year was no different.  We LOVE NYC.  We were fortunate to cover a lot of ground (literally) and attend the Taste of France event held at Bryant Park, meet up with dear friends for an incredible 3 hour dinner and the culmination was my run at the NYRR Series Bronx 10 mile run.

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— Knead to Cook

Cabot Beach to Beacon Maine Weekend Recap.

I’m very delinquent in posting my race weekend recap but my family took our vacation (has to be after swim season) and we just got back home on Sunday.  We hit the ground running as one child starts school next week and it’s taken me a bit of time to download all of the pics from the weekend and our trip. Okay so without further adieu…

We headed up to Maine from Pennsylvania on Wednesday the 31st of July.  We drove as far and as long as we could before we all hit the proverbial wall around Bridgeport, CT.  A quick stay and then we headed up to Maine bright and early on the 1st.  I haven’t been to Maine since I was a child and it was absolutely breathtaking.  We stayed at the Higgins Inn at Scarborough.  My oldest and I headed off to our room and my husband and youngest off to theirs.  We were greeted with a lovely Cabot goodie cooler filled with yummy treats.  We quickly changed and took off to meet everyone and attend the kick-off party hosted by my friend Candace Karu at her incredibly gorgeous home on the rocky coast.  It was breathtaking.  Most of the bloggers (minus two who were still traveling) got to meet up, chat and meet Joan Benoit Samuelson – yes the Olympian!  She is the founder of the Beach to Beacon 10k.  It was a picture perfect night with great memories, laughs and lots of pictures taken.




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— Knead to Cook