Training. Valentine’s Day. And yes, more snow.


First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day to my awesome husband, best friend and supporter of my insane life.  Without him,  I would truly be nothing!  He cheers me on, he encourages me to be my best and he is the shoulder that I collapse into when I need support.  I’m blessed beyond words with this guy.

Now today is Valentine’s Day and post NorEaster snow storm that proved to be a two-punch whack to much of the East Coast.  For the past two days I’ve surpassed 31k steps on my Jawbone Up band and quite frankly… I’ve done half marathons and not hit this amount of steps.  I’ve only hit this marker three times in the past year and two times have been in the past two days.  I’m on target to do it again today… post shorter training run (because my legs have just been abused this week) and from chopping at ice that was plowed across my driveway making it impossible to get out this morning.  Thank you hubby again for the help!

image 2

But I wanted to start blogging more about my training (I already share a ton of Instagram if you follow me) but this was my shorter run of the week.  I have one more to go this weekend sometime.  For the week I’m at 23 miles.  Want to break that 30 mile mark by Sunday.  Monthly I’m at 41.18 miles.  I’m doing all of my running on the treadmill at my gym because its either too cold out, too icy or too snowy.  Can’t wait for spring or even just a mild warm-up at this point.

image 3

— Knead to Cook

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