Evolution Power Yoga 40 Days

Oat apple muffins.

We’ve had non-stop snow or ice days here in Pennsylvania.  My kids keep making muffins – because they’re so easy and fast!  Today’s version… oat apple with flaxseed oil.  Healthy and oh so good.  I admit, I need to start posting dinner recipes but it seems like this week we’ve been so fragmented – my … Continue Reading »

Clean eating mixed berry smoothie.

  I don’t know about you but anything reminiscent of spring or summer makes me quite smitten right now.  We have been in this non-stop pattern of snow and I’m starting to think that winter may never end.  Today we got hit with yet another snowstorm that I believe wasn’t predicted until yesterday.  9 inches … Continue Reading »

Almond butter banana oat muffins.

I created a fun protein banana muffin last week and my family couldn’t get enough.  I thought I would mix up the recipe and add some almond butter, after all – it is banana’s best friend!  These turned out deeeelightful!  Nothing that will blow your healthy eating.  Fills you up big time thanks to the … Continue Reading »

Roasted tomato salsa.

Apparently it’s salsa week here at Knead to Cook!  Ha ha.  Seriously, we hosted a taco party last Friday night for a bunch of swimmers/friends and I whipped up some new salsas for our taco bar.  This was another fun recipe I wanted to share – especially with the Super Bowl happening this Sunday.  Time … Continue Reading »

Roasted Red Pepper Salsa.

Happy Monday!  Okay, I’m a little jacked up today.  I forced myself to take a “rest” day yesterday.  I worked in the morning, went to lunch for Thai food with my husband post his yoga class and had a nice relaxing afternoon.  My daughter had a high school carb loading swim dinner last night and … Continue Reading »

Warm black truffle brussels sprouts salad.

I was meandering through the grocery store, pre-snow storm the other day and came across some beautiful brussel sprouts.  I bought a large container and wanted to shred them up and make a “slaw” with them.  My kids aren’t fans so I was on a mission to mix it up and try to camouflage them. … Continue Reading »

Can you #branchout ? Calling all yogis and wanna be yogis.

Show us your tree pose! I’m teaming up with my friend and all around AWESOME friend, Abby from Seaweed and Sassafras, to challenge you to get your feet rooted, out stretch those arms and show us your tree pose.  I’ve recently gotten out of my comfort zone and started back with yoga – in fact, … Continue Reading »

Banana Protein Flax Muffins.

I have a retro glass dome cake stand that sits on my countertop filled with healthy snacks for my family.  They grab them on the way to a 5am swim practice, after-school snack, post swim snack or dessert.  Organi sent me some awesome (seriously not paying me for this post) vanilla organic whey protein powder … Continue Reading »

Cuban Black Bean Soup.

Perfect recipe on a snowy, cold day.  This recipe is healthy, perfect for Meatless Mondays or if you’re a vegetarian or vegan like me.  This soup packs a great punch of vitamins and protein thanks to the veggies and black beans.  I like to serve this with a hearty cracker, tortilla chips or crusty bread … Continue Reading »

Healthy Protein Blondies.

As I’ve shared in past posts, my family is doing a 40 days to a revolution (mind/body/yoga/mediation/diet) program by Baron Baptiste.  It makes you pause and really examine what’s going on inside your life and  thoughts, what you’re eating and reactions to being present in your life.  I don’t know about you but all areas I … Continue Reading »