Vegan caramel icing or dip topped with sea salt.

Vegan caramel icing by Knead to Cook.
Vegan caramel icing by Knead to Cook.

Vegan caramel icing or dip.  First day of school, this week for my oldest, always bring a special after-school snack to celebrate surviving the day.  Why not?!  My oldest doesn’t eat gluten or dairy so this was perfect and I had a box of King Arthur flour chocolate cake mix that was gluten free.  I prepared the recipe using vegan products vs. eggs and then wanted to make a fun icing recipe.  I’ve made this before and thought it would be perfect atop of this lovely chocolate vegan cake and you know what… it is!

This caramel can be made more on the watery side for pouring – see my recipe notes below.


10-12 Medjool dates
Boiling water
Sea salt
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
Unsweetened almond milk


This recipe is very easy and forgiving, which is why specific amounts aren’t listed.  You need to eyeball for texture etc.  Follow my notes below.

Take your Medjool dates and completely cover with boiling water.  Let them sit for about 25-30 minutes.  Then drain and let them cool until you can touch them without burning yourself.  Peel the skin off as best as you can and remove the pit.  Add them to your food processor and blend down until pureed.  Add a pinch of sea salt and your vanilla.  Blend again.  Through the open spout, slowly drizzle in your almond milk.  I stopped the machine about 4 times to scrape down the sides and blend again.  Assess the texture and add more milk if necessary. I wanted my icing to be thicker to stand up to the cake without drizzling and seeping into it.  If you’re looking for a “wetter” more liquified caramel, repeat and add more milk slowly.  Sprinkle with additional sea salt before serving.  Then use as you wish.

Great for dipping apples, pretzels, fruit, icing cupcakes, cakes etc.

Fitness update from the weekend and Monday morning will be posted later on tonight or tomorrow in my next yummy recipe.  Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!



— Knead to Cook

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