Our version of black Friday…


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with tons of laughter, joy and great food.  We enjoyed our family, celebrated my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and had a ton of wonderful vegan food (and some non-vegan food for the carnivores).  Lots of leftovers we’ll be snacking on for many days to come.  I will be sharing a wonderful new recipe I tried that totally fooled all my carnivores at our Thanksgiving table.  That will be posted shortly.

But for now… this is how we do Black Friday.  We go tree hunting.  It’s the one day I truly look forward to  all year long. I don’t rush any holidays. But admittedly, Christmas is a fave. It’s changed quite a bit since my kids are older but there are some traditions I’m clinging on to. This is one!

Horse-drawn carriage rides are the best.

It had snowed Tuesday so the mountain was muddy.  My youngest and I were prepared for the chilly temps and the muddy conditions.


We took our daughter’s boyfriend with us – we adapt and embrace into our new traditions.  Chatting while climbing the mountain.

Snapped a few shots along the way.  Not sure why my youngest looks like she just woke up here but she said her face was freezing.  Her disclaimer.  Ha ha.
Sweet moments captured. Oh we’re growing up.


My youngest making the boyfriend help her out chopping the tree down.  He was amused.


Then hubby stepped in under the guidance of our youngest.


We did snap a quick and cold shot of Bill and I freezing.


And one of my not-so-mini me.


After finding and tagging the perfect tree we popped over to visit some animals.  I still marvel at the color of my daughter’s hair!

All bound and ready to get home to decorate.

And finally… time to sit back and enjoy the view. Honestly, I did finish addressing my Christmas cards. Did a tiny bit of shopping on line and posting this blog entry.  Other than that we enjoyed family down time.


On the fitness front…

Sunday:  9 miles outside
Monday: NYC
Tuesday:  5.2 miles and weights/core
Wednesday:  4.1 miles
Thursday:  5.2 miles
Friday: rest day

I’m planning on running tomorrow and get the last of my November miles logged.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my life outside the kitchen.




— Knead to Cook


  1. Where do you get your tree?

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