Tofu cheese. Vegan. Gluten free.

Tofu cheese. Vegan. Gluten free.
Tofu cheese. Vegan. Gluten free.

There is just one thing I miss going vegan (now almost 2 years ago)… no not bacon, not pulled pork-  It’s my seasoned bocconcini mozzarella that I always had marinating in the fridge.  I would serve it over pasta or in a salad with freshly picked tomatoes from the garden.  So with two packages of tofu about to expire in my fridge I thought I would try my recipe with it.  After all, what do I have to lose, right?

I’ll put it out there – I very much dislike tofu unless it’s blended in something else like pudding.  I also love a tofu scramble at vegan restaurants (which I still need to attempt at home) but baked or fried – it’s a no-go for me!  That is until now.

Ingredients: (the ingredients or amounts don’t have to be exact)

1 block of firm tofu
2 cloves of raw garlic, finely minced (if you don’t like it feel free to omit)
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup of red wine vinegar
3 teaspoons of Italian seasonings
2 teaspoons of parsley (dried)
1 teaspoon dried Rosemary
Drizzle of olive oil (I used Colavita garlic olive oil)
Red pepper flakes (pinch to a teaspoon depending on how spicy you like it)
1 tablespoon of lemon juice


First, you need to drain your tofu from the package.  Then wrap it in a clean towel and place in a glass baking dish.  Place something heavy on top of it like a cast iron pan.  After about 40 minutes, remove the tofu from the soaking towel.  Then slice into 9 cubes.

In the meantime, whisk the other ingredients into a tupperware container.  Then add the tofu.  Gently turn the container over to coat the tofu evenly. I place in the fridge and rotate the container to get all of the pieces tossed to coat.  I serve at room temperature with crusty bread, as a salad topper, as a main dish or however you like.


Summer heat & humidity has arrived much to my running dismay.  Today’s run was killer.  My heart rate was over 220 and I felt every step.  Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to crisp fall morning runs already?  Ha ha.  I will stop whining now.

Sunday:  23.23 hilly, cycling miles
Monday: 6 treadmill miles/strength
Tuesday:  11 outdoor miles
Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles/strength training

That’s it from here.  Enjoy the sunshine!


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Hey woman! This looks fabuloso! What brand of tofu did you use here? I love it made most ways but to me, the brand and type are important depending on the recipe. That being said, I usually prefer silken.