Zucchini Sautéed in Sesame Oil.

I wanted to demonstrate another feature of the Magimix food processor that I’m giving away next Sunday.  Today I thinly sliced yellow and green zucchini that I will sauté in sesame oil right before dinner.

I’ll take you on a photo by photo how-to.  This machine was literally thinly slicing without me even having to push the veggie through the spout.  It’s incredibly powerful!  Slices like a dream.  Took me about 15 seconds to slice up 4 medium zucchinis!  Take about efficient!

First, I used the larger bowl no blade in the bottom.

Next, you’re going to add the long tubal piece to elevate the blade that will slice the zucchini.  This piece gets placed right in the center and fits perfectly.


Then select the slicer blade that you wish to use.  I used this one to create paper thin zucchini slices for a light salad sautéed in sesame oil and topped with some sesame seeds right before dinner. It fits nicely right over the extension rod you added previously.


Place the lid on top and turn until it locks.


Next step, place the plastic insert into the top.


Then place the zucchini into the opening.  It started slicing without me even using the plunger to push it down towards the blade.  Talk about fast!


Quick and efficient.  Love that!  Uniform slicing at it’s finest.



When I’m ready to cook, I’ll add a tablespoon of olive oil and a drizzle of sesame oil to a hot pan, toss the zucchini in for a few minutes.  Season with salt and pepper and top with toasted sesame seeds.  Can serve hot or at room temperature.

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— Knead to Cook


  1. You make it look so easy. Cannot wait to try it.

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