Roasted Apples and Fall Vegetables.



This was the last of my apple week posts that trickled into this week.  I love roasting veggies and last week I added a few apples into the mix to add a level of sweetness to the mixture.  My kids loved it, and so did the adults.  Roasting vegetables brings out their flavor, sweetness and pairs nicely with your protein or served alongside quinoa makes for the perfect vegetarian (vegan actually) meal.  If you’re looking for a great side dish for Thanksgiving, this would also be a nice change of pace too.  Another great fix it and bake it/forget it type of recipe.  Leftovers served alongside eggs also is delish!

Totally flexible in what veggies you use but this is what I used.

2 large yams (sweet potatoes), diced with skin left in tact
1/2 sweet onion, quartered
2 large white potatoes (that we grew), diced with skin left in tact
2 large apples, washed, cored with skin left in tact
2 cups of butternut squash, chopped into bite-sized pieces
Salt and pepper


Place all of veggies into a large bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and line your pan with a Silpat liner.  Pour your veggies out onto the pan in a single layer.  Roast until golden brown, fork tender and perfect.  I let them roast for about 1 hour or more.  I like my roasted veggies with a nice crust and soft and tender on the inside.  Season afterwards if necessary.  Serve immediately.


— Knead to Cook


  1. Apples are my favorite fall fruit, so I have to give this a try!

  2. I love roasted root vegetables and never thought about throwing some apples in the mix! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Red pears would be good too.

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