Rain. Race plans. Running & Saucony sneaker review.


This has been our view all weekend long (not complaining because it isn’t snow) but it is that kind of weekend where you just want to curl up and read and watch good movies under a blanket.  Yesterday, I had taken a rest day for my legs because I was planning on doing a race today and to go car shopping with my husband.  By the evening, post church service, I checked the weather and had seen the outlook becoming more dismal.   The rains/winds hadn’t let up and were slated to get worse today (as they have) so I pulled the plug on my plans to travel this morning to run outdoors and replaced that with a run at the gym. I’m also fighting a lovely cold that my husband so generously shared with me and I knew what my best option was for a quick recovery so I can continue training and not get pneumonia.  I’ve run 4-5 half marathons in the rain and they aren’t fun.  End. Of.  Story!  Sometimes logic need to win out.

As a proud member of the FitFluential Ambassadors program – challenges are put out there to members and the challenge for March was to run 100 miles.  I did it in February and jumped at the chance to do it as apart of the FitFluential team.  I forgot how draining it is to run with a head cold.  Looking forward to showering and putting on some cozy clothes and relaxing/reading a book in my favorite chair.  I need to kick this cold, I’m not a good sick person.


I knew I needed just under 8 miles to reach 100 so I wanted to make sure I was covered.   Today’s run was hard, I’ll admit as my head cold just felt draining and my heart rate was elevated but I got it done.  100.07 miles in 12 hrs 57 minutes and 30 seconds.  I’m proud – all a sub 8 minute mile.  


I also wanted to do a review of two pairs of sneakers I tried this week.  I’ve been wearing Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s and love them.  They are my first departure from Asics, which were causing me shin splints.  I love LOVE love the Mizunos but had been hearing about some issues with the toe box on the newest model, the 17.  I ordered them regardless and gave them a test drive.  I wore them for 7 miles and the left toe box really was uncomfortable.  The rest of the footbed felt great but I was uncomfortable with the pain they caused so they were shipped back.  I spoke to a few Mizuno reps who told me that they did make changes to the 17 so I hope that the 18’s work better for me because they do make an awesome sneaker.  The other pair I tried were Saucony Ride.  I broke these out for my run today.   They are super colorful and feel a bit more like Asics, in my opinion.  The ride isn’t as stiff as the Mizuno but not overly cushiony.  I’m a neutral runner, small frame and don’t like a big bulky shoe.  Today I ran 8 miles in them on the treadmill and they felt great.  Support was wonderful.  Not bulky or heavy.  Just the right amount of support.  Not a minimalist shoe but a nice balance for those looking for a lightweight sneaker.  They weigh 8.8 ounces – making them one of the lightest neutral sneakers on the market.  I’m happy to find a replacement as my Mizuno’s are just passing 300 miles now.


They do have normal color options for those who aren’t a fan of the super bright colors.  I love them for spring training and anything that makes me more visible- I’m all about it!

Looking forward to more training runs in April and hopefully getting outside to run again after this very long winter.  I’m also looking forward to racing again… hopefully with some spring weather conditions.


— Knead to Cook


  1. I’ve only done my long runs outside this winter because it’s been so horrible. I’m looking forward to more miles under sunny skies. It’s about time!

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