Pineapple Orange Chobani Smoothies.

Another Monday, another smoothie flavor for my sweet girls after-school snacking.  Today I went with a pineapple orange blend with some added Cho for protein!  These were gone in less than a minute flat!  Guess that’s a success in their books.


2 cups of fresh pineapple
2 oranges, peeled
1/3 cup of Chobani vanilla yogurt
1 scoop Whey protein powder
1 banana
8 ice cubes
1 cup of vanilla almond milk


Place all of the ingredients into your Vitamix or blender and blend on the smoothie setting.  Pour into glasses and enjoy.


— Knead to Cook


  1. I’ve been waiting for a good pineapple smoothie recipe to pop up, yours looks promising will try and report back. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m loving all these new smoothie ideas, thanks!

  3. Amazing, per usual. How do you do it!? We’re in awe of you.


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