Panko Breaded Baked Chicken Tenders.



There’s something about crunchy breaded chicken.  I love that I managed to get this super crispy but not by frying – but baking in the oven.  This recipe is super adaptable and easy – great for a weeknight meal.  Pair it up with your favorite veggies and you are set.  Kid approved and parents will love it too.  Great idea for a party as well if you cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.


Chicken (as much as you need to feed your family) cut into tender size
All-purpose flour (I use King Arthur’s)
Panko bread crumbs
4-6 eggs, whisked


Preheat your oven to 375 and line your baking sheet with parchment or a Silpat.  Set aside.  You are going to place the flour (with some salt and pepper to season), the Panko and the eggs into three separate bowls.  Add additional ingredients if you start to run low.  Working in this order – dip the chicken tender into the flour first – dredging on both sides a nice coating.  The next step, dip the floured chicken into the egg, coating both sides.  Then, finally, dip into the Panko, pressing the chicken in firmly to get the Panko to really stick.  Gently place on the baking sheet.  Repeat until complete.  As you run out of flour or Panko, refill as necessary.  Bake for 12-14 minutes and then flip each piece gently so you avoid disturbing the crust as much as possible.  Bake again for another 12-14 minutes.  Remove when golden brown.

As additional options:

Instead of using egg you can smear dijon mustard onto the chicken before the Panko.  You can also add grated parmesan (or any other hard cheese) to the Panko as well.  If you like spicy, add some cayenne pepper to the flour mixture along with the salt and pepper.  Have fun and make it your own.



— Knead to Cook


  1. Could buttermilk be subsituted for dipping, instead of egg?

  2. Would like to make a large batch and freeze for quick fix dinners and kids school lunches. Would you recommend thawing and heating or could it be reheated in oven from frozen?? Thanks…

  3. what temperature do I cook them?

  4. Amanda Wilson says:

    Hubby and I just made these last night and they were great…BUT…they didn’t brown up at all. We followed your recipe to the letter. Any insight as to what happened?! Thanks!

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