Memorial Day Hiking.

Admittedly, I’m not all about food.  I love exercising and today marks me losing 30 lbs!  Crazy but I started clean eating in November and today I stand 30 lbs lighter and a lot stronger. Amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind, heart and soul behind it.  Today I’m the exact weight I was in high school, not bad for a 41 year old!

I’ve never really loved hiking, as my husband will attest, but any way to get out, get moving and spending time with my family, together, talking and laughing… I’m all over it.  My husband found this beautiful trail and off we went.  We spent over two hours exploring, slipping, tripping and laughing the entire time.
photo copy

We made it to the top of the mountain.  Beautiful vistas.


Scaling some slippery rocks down from the peak.  I’m learning to be a better hiker.

photo copy 2

Me and my sweet girls.

photo copy 7

Posing for a few pics along the way at the top.  The views were just breathtaking.

photo copy 3

Almost at the end of the hike.

photo copy 8


photo copy 5


photo copy 9


photo copy 4


Thanks for letting me share a bit of my day with you all.  Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day with family and friends.


— Knead to Cook


  1. Wow! Congrats to you on your weight loss! I love your blog and look forward to making many of your recipes.

  2. Looks like a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day. I’ve never been a huge hiker either, but then again, I’ve never really tried hiking with my family now that I’m a mom :) Looks like your hiking buddies made for a mu h better journey.

  3. Congratulations on all of your hard work and success Robin. You look fantastic and the hiking scenery looks breathtaking.

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