Infusing water and a Cuppow Giveaway!


As the temperatures start creeping up and the humidity rises, my consumption of water goes through the roof.  Especially if you workout or work period outside – you need to be hydrating throughout the day.  Water makes up approximately 70% of your body!  Think about that…  as most of us probably don’t drink water I wanted to pose some food for thought.   Drinking more water will:

Flushes out toxins and waste through urination and sweat.

It improves your complexion – hello radiant glow!
Increases energy!  Also helps you focus.  Your brain is mostly water… hydrate it for better concentration.
Maintains regularity and prevents constipation.
Water removes by products of fat, reduces hunger (many times you aren’t hungry you are just thirsty) and helps boost metabolism.  Always drink a nice big glass of water before you eat.
Naturally helps reduce headaches – as many are caused by dehydration.
Drinking plenty of water helps joints and muscles lubricated for less joint pain or strain.

Most people complain that water is boring but it doesn’t have to be!  Adding fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to water and refrigerating overnight can spark up your bland water making it more tempting to guzzle more throughout the day.

I wanted to give you some ideas of what I use to infuse my water overnight.  First of all I use my large wide mouth Cuppow and fill it up with filtered water.  To that here are some ideas of what you can infuse in it overnight so it’s ready to go the next morning for you.

Ingredient combinations:

Peeled ginger pieces, chopped up
Jalapeño slices
Citrus fruit – orange slices, lemon, lime, grapefruit
Herbs:  Fresh Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint leaves
Cucumber slices
Watermelon slices

As you can see, pretty much anything you love can be added.  Then combinations like basil/strawberry or lemon/ginger.  Whatever you like!  Experiment.  Then I refill throughout the day and it keeps on infusing.  It makes drinking water a bit more fun and less mundane.  My kids love it and drink more water because of it.

Now to help you drink more water this summer- I teamed up with Cuppow one of my most favorite companies out there to give away to two winners (U.S and Canada residents only) two sets of their products.  One for drinking and one for lunch!  See below:





This giveaway includes:

1 CUPPOW & JAR COMBO – WIDE MOUTH:  24 ounce tall boy jar (glass) with the Cuppow drinking lid.  AND 1 BNTO & JAR COMBO 24 ounce tall boy with Jar combo (perfect for hummus, salad dressing, nut butters, granola, chips/salad/guac etc.).  This jar is my favorite for lunch on the go.  I pack salad below and dressing or nuts above.  See my Kale salad pic below:


This way you are covered – you get one drinking container with Cuppow lid and one large jar with Cuppow Jar combo for lunch/dinner or snacking on the go.  Two winners will be randomly selected.  US or Canadian residents ONLY. You can choose the jar color and insert colors (in stock only colors).


How do you enter?

Follow both Cuppow and Knead to Cook on Instagram.  Hashtag #kneadtocuppow and tell us how you would use your Cuppow system.  Giveaway images will be posted throughout the giveaway on Instagram.  Make sure you use the hashtag and tell us how you would use your Cuppow if you won.  You may use it on Cuppow’s pictures or on Knead to Cook’s.  If you don’t have a Instagram account please leave a comment on this post to be entered telling me how you would use the Cuppow system (either drinking/cup storage).

Be a U.S. or Canadian resident.

Winners (2) will be posted on June 20th at 8 pm EST.  The winners must email [email protected] within 48 hours of color choices and mailing address.  If no contact is made, new winners will be randomly selected and announced on the 22nd of June 2014.  


— Knead to Cook


  1. Shannon Reddinger says:

    I’m a full time student and a stay at home Mom to 2 school age kids during the summer. I would use my Cuppow for everything. Easy to fill snacks and lunch to keep in my school bag, my in the van bag for the kids…It would go everywhere with me.

  2. Cleo Driscoll says:

    I would definitely use this for infused waters!!

  3. Heather Cornbleth says:

    I think Id use it for everything! Lunches, drinks, infused waters.. so many things!

    (I don’t have Instagram)

  4. Jennifer Stebbins says:

    Infused water…yum!! (:

  5. I’ve been dying to get both of these! I would definitely use the drink lid for drinking infused water, and the BNTO for salads, lunches, and snacks!

  6. i use the cuppow lids for every drink…from water to lattes! looking forward to trying the bnto for yogurt & granola combo and for salads! can’t wait!!

  7. Jordyn H. says:

    I would definitely use it for drinking! I actually drink out of a jar at home so the Cuppow would be perfect!

  8. Beth Travers says:

    What a great give away! Thank you for the opportunity. I would use my cuppow for infused water and for snacks. That salad you made looks amazing!!

  9. Hannah K says:

    I would use the cuppow for my iced coffee and the BNTO for packing lunches for my hubby. (chips and salsa – his favorite)

  10. Yay! I love all the ideas. The salad in a jar plan would work great for my long work days. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. As a new mom I would use my Cuppow for everything from infused water, to yogurt with granola and fruits and of course salads!

  12. I love all the different possibilities of how to use a Cuppow. I definitely would start with infusing water and then use the insert to hold granola and fruit. What a neat looking product!

  13. Hi there, just ԝnted to tll you, I enjoyed this bloց post.
    It was inspiring. Keepp on posting!

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