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If the video doesn’t work, please click this link below to view.  New at adding video to my blog and after many attempts I believe it will work but if not, wanted to give you a second option at viewing.

Hiii there, you lovely Knead to Cook reader, you!! My name is Cheri and on my food blog, The Watering Mouth, I often post videos about recipes or other neat tricks I’ve found along the way. And I absolutely love Robin and her blog, so when she asked me to guest post, I literally jumped at the chance! I thought you guys might like to see a cool video I just made, which is a tutorial about How to Make Ice Shot Glasses, so here you go! It’s quick and easy and it’s a great party trick! Check out the video here:

I originally saw this idea online while searching through the website, and I tweaked it a bit because I couldn’t find snow cone cups and thought it should be easier to make these! So I used materials that probably everyone has at home, or if not, that you can easily find at any nearby grocery store. You do need to plan ahead for this one, obviously, because there is ICE CREATION involved. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it??


And here are the directions, in case you like written instructions:


How to Make Ice Shot Glasses


1 3 oz bathroom cup

1 5 oz bathroom cup

2 pieces of tape

water, hot and cold




Fill the larger cup with cold water, just under 1/3 full.

Place the smaller cup inside the larger cup so it floats.

Tape over the tops of both cups, so they are flush and level with each other, in an x-formation.

Freeze the cups for several hours.

Remove the tape and discard.

Pour a small amount of hot water into the small cup, swish it around for 7 seconds, then quickly dump it out.

Carefully loosen and peel out the inner cup. Discard.

Peel open the larger cup and carefully peel it away, taking care not to smoosh your shot glass. Discard.

Refreeze the cup for 15 minutes to finish.

Pour alcohol and take a shot!



NOTE: Make sure the shot liquids you are using are at least fridge-cold before you pour them in, otherwise they will crack your ice shot glasses. Drink responsibly!


Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more fun videos as I post them! Thanks so much for letting me in on your Knead to Cook fun and I hope to chat with you all again sometime! Thanks again Robin!!

— Knead to Cook


  1. Robin thank you so much for asking me to guest post! Hope everyone liked the tutorial. Yay!


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