Bill’s Peppermint Martini.



I commissioned my husband to create a martini for me with my peppermint simple syrup in honor of my peppermint themed week on Knead to Cook.  This cocktail was perfectly festive and quite beautiful.  This recipe yields one martini.  It is beyond beautiful and quite flavorful.  If you love peppermint, this is the drink for you.  I’m dubbing this the Christmas martini.

3 shots of regular vodka
1 shot of peppermint simple syrup
*Garnish with a mini peppermint stick or peppermint rod placed in the bottom of your martini glass.


Into your cocktail shaker, add all of the ingredients and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.  Pour into your martini glass and enjoy!   If rimming your glass, dip your glass rim into water (I use a plate) and then dip into crushed peppermint.



Please drink responsibly.  

— Knead to Cook


  1. What a gorgeous martini! This would be perfect for Christmas…and New Year’s…and…

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