The Addictive Blog Award.

Any award received is always extremely special. It means that you get noticed and acknowledged by fellow bloggers and by bloggers that you in turn admire and respect. I feel so honoured to receive this from Krista, know to the Blogger world as The PaperCup Kitchen. I have been following Nel since I began blogging last summer.  Nel is one of those sweet, lovely, funny, caring, fabulous friends that you wish you can hang out with every single day.  Plus she cooks, bakes and is all around fabulous!  I’m so thankful we’re friends in this crazy food blogging universe.

And this award is all about the addiction of Blogging. And lets face it…..Blogging is addictive and as soon as you take that plunge…that’s it…It’s your baby and you have to take care of it everyday, you have to feed it with posts and ideas and you have to make sure you give it the attention and love it deserves. And that can be soooooo hard to do. We all have a “private” life, filled with kiddies, family, friends, shopping, 9-5 jobs, school runs, lawn mowing, baskets filled to the brim with washing, baking, cooking and everything else that life troughs your way…it can be hard to find the time to nurture your Blogger Baby. I sometimes wish that I did have more time to be on here and post more often BUT I have a day filled with everything and anything and at the end I know that my blog and my fellow bloggers will be waiting for the next post, patiently, because they are going through the same roundabout as I am . We all know how much hard work this is…how time consuming it can be and we all LOVE the reward. Giving the world a little of ourselves, letting our Foodie voices be heard by fellow food lovers and the best thing…making the world so small it fits into our computers…and all my friends are there with me. Sharing their days, a little of their life and their love of food.

I started this blog last year August…for the simple reasons: I wanted to share my recipes with my friends.  I wanted to reach out and inspire people to try new things.  I wanted to be a positive force.  I wanted to be apart of an amazing group of men and women who inspire and lift me  up.  Mission accomplished and I am happier than ever….and with that….

Today I am standing proud and tall…stating that I am: Robin Runner and I am addicted to Blogging :D

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them back.

2. Share a little bit about why you started blogging.

3. Copy and Paste the award onto your own blog.

4. Nominate up to 10 other bloggers you think are addictive

enough to deserve the award.

The 10 Gorgeous Blogs I award:

1. GroO NY – Jill

2. Cupcakes & Kale Chips – Brianne

3.  The Fountain Avenue Kitchen – Ann

4. Full Belly Sisters – Justine

5. Frantic in the Kitchen – Sofia

6. Sumptuous Spoonfuls – Ann

7. Sweet Heat Chefs – Monica

8. Let’s Eat – Chantal

9. Lauren Kelly, Certified Nutritionist – Lauren

10. A Bachelor & His Grill – David


Sunshine Award.

This award is a new one for me and I’m truly honored, especially since it came from one of my dear foodie friends, Carrie @ Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen. She is an incredible friend and awesome inspiration to all of us in the vast foodie universe.

The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The recipients of the Sunshine Award are: “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogoshere.”

The rules: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Answer 10 questions about yourself. Select 10 of your favorite bloggers, link back to them and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award! Don’t forget to copy and paste the award on your blog!

1. Favorite color: Depends on what it’s for.  Cars – black!  Summer dresses – bright colors. It all depends :)
2. Favorite animal: I’m torn.  Dogs and cats :)
3. Favorite number: 89
4. Favorite drink: Water (non-alcoholic), Margaritas (for alcoholic)
5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Although all of the changes are increasingly annoying.
6. Good Book or a Good Movie: Book – any day!!!
7. My Passion: Family
8. Giving or getting presents: Giving!!!
9. Favorite day of the year:  Christmas :)
10. Favorite flowers: Tulips, hydrangeas, Gerber daisies, peonies… I love them all!
And now, to pass this along to 10 other bloggers.  Hard to select just 10 blogs… I love all of my friends!
1. The Paper Cup Kitchen
2.  Rich and Sweet
3.  Lauren Kelly, Certified Nutritionist
4.  Running with Deviled Eggs
5.  Toriology
6.  Groovin Moms
7.  Full Belly Sisters
8.  ChinDeep
9. A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows
10.  Mia’s Domain