Red, white & blue berry pie.

Crust recipe:

This is a pretty stander crust recipe.

1.5 c of all purpose flour (unbleached)
5 tbl of I can’t believe it’s not butter (freeze it first and cut into cubes)
4 tbl of Crisco shortening (again freeze it first)
1/2 tsp of salt
3 tbl of ice cold water

Crust Directions:

In your food processor, add the flour.  Then add the very cold butter and shortening to the flour.  Add the salt and pulse to blend.  Quick pulses, 4 times.

Then with the motor running, add the water – 1 tbl at a time.  The dough will be very crumbly.  This is exactly how you want it!  Stop the machine.  Lay one piece of plastic wrap on your counter and pour the dough onto it.  Wrap the plastic wrap around it and form it into a ball (using the plastic wrap over top).  Handle the dough as little as possible.  Then chill for 45 minutes in the fridge.

When you’re ready, roll the dough onto a floured surface.  Make a 14 inch circle and then roll the dough around your rolling pin.  Then transfer the dough to your pie pan and roll it over top.  Push it down in the corners and cut off the excess around the edges.

Filling ingredients:

6 cups of blueberries and raspberries
Zest from one lemon
Juice from one lemon
1/4 cup of all purpose flour
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Milk for brushing on the crust
Sugar for dusting the crust

Filling directions:

Gently mix all of the ingredients in a bowl together.  Avoid breaking the berries as best as you can.  Fill your pie crust.  Brush on milk around the pie crust edges.  Sprinkle with sugar.

Preheat your oven to 425 and bake the pie for 20 minutes.  Then turn the oven temperature down to 350 degrees and bake for 40 additional minutes.  Remove and let cool.  Then cut and serve.