Vegan cheeses that don’t suck. Really.

Vegan cheeses all suck, right?  They don’t melt.  They taste horrible.  Ummmm….  No!  Today I’m sharing the best of the best out there & these vegan cheeses will convert even the most hard-core cheese lovers.  Trust me, I’m a reformed dairy lover converted over to the favorites I’ve named below & I’m not sad at all!

Now this has been a 3 year journey of many, and I mean MANY, sub-par even disgusting (actually making me sick), pathetic excuses for “vegan cheeses”.  Each of these named below are staples in our kitchen & we use them for grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and lasagna or stuffed shell recipes.  I’m going to share my tips and tricks for the ooey gooey cheeses below that will have you swoon.

All of these vegan cheeses can be purchased at Whole Foods or your local grocery store.  I do, on occasion, special order from local markets if I can’t find this or that but everyone accommodates.

I want to begin by talking about spreadable cheeses – think cheese and cracker platter.  I’m a huge fan of any and all Miyoko’s cheeses/butter.  Spreadable and mozz for pizza.  I’ve highlighted a few above but all of their products are AHHHHHH-mazing!  I’m a huge fan of the winter truffle, double cream and black ash.  They’re so good that we had a variety of these cheeses out on our appetizer buffet over the holidays and these were the cheeses that everyone complimented/devoured.  Little did they know they were vegan.

Tree line is very similar to a Boursin style spreadable cheese.  Yet another nut based cheese that I have a puffy heart for all of the flavors.  Perfect spread on crusty bread or your favorite crackers.

Grilled cheese/Quesadillas.  My daughter is a huge fan!  2 favorites are Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack.  While cooking, cover the pan over low heat to allow the cheese to melt and always use cheese that has sat out at room temperature to warm up.  Melts perfectly every time.  The other favorite is Field Roast Chao slices. Again, let sit out at room temperature for about 15 minutes then cover while cooking.  Heavenly.

Other insanely awesome cheeses to note.  Follow Your Heart shredded mozzarella and parm is incredible on pizza or lasagna.  I’ll be sharing recipes this week for an incredible lasagna I made with both cheeses.  The flavor right out of the package was incredible and if you’ve tried vegan cheeses… you know this is rare!  They melt, have a great depth of flavor.  Seriously, who misses dairy any ways.  NOT me!

Last but very much NOT least… Kite Hill.  Oh Kite Hill, how do I love thee.  The ricotta is so incredible and versatile.  I’ve used it in dessert seen here .  I’ve used it lasagna (recipe coming this week).  So versatile and incredible flavor.  I order this by the case and I’m not lying!  I also wanted to share their cream cheese that we love as well.  This chive cream cheese is virtually indiscernible from it’s dairy counterpart.  Super thick and creamy with tons of flavor.  A favorite on toast, bagels or crackers.

This post is not sponsored but a compilation of my favorite products that I love and use every single day in my kitchen.  I hope this helps you in cutting out dairy and focusing on a healthier, plant-based diet.

Quick & short update for the first day of my training week.

Sunday: 7 outdoor miles (fighting a head cold/sore throat) 30-35 mph winds.
Monday: Planning on 60 strength session at the gym (core/upper body/TRX)


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Hi! Loved the information, THANK YOU! I’m looking for the best cheese to use in a soup. I’ve been Vegan for almost a year and the only recipe i miss (not enough to EVER eat dairy again) the taste of is my broccoli habanero cheddar soup. Nutritional yeast has its place but just doesn’t work for me to replace the flavor of the Cabot cheese i used to use. Any cheese suggestions!

    1. Great question Sharon! I normally use nutritional yeast, smoked paprika and Dijon in my soups however I would suggest trying Follow Your Heart Cheddar or So Delicious’s shredded cheddar. I think they are the closest subs that I would suggest. ~ox