Don’t throw the scale out! My perspective.

Okay so we’re 27 days into 2018 and do you love your scale yet?  Ha.  These memes made me laugh.  The reality is we all hate the scale from time to time – or ALL THE TIME.  I know this past summer when I completely gave up on running (yes, I just had a partial knee replacement in case you didn’t know), I started to lose my “skinny fat” aka lacking muscle and started to gain weight.  It wasn’t BAD weight from eating junk but it was my shift in focus to weightlifting.  So hold on… I lift all the heavy things AND GAIN weight?  Ummmm yeah.

Well here’s the thing, if you took two equally sized women – one who lifts and trains and one who doesn’t… the one who trains would visually look smaller as muscle mass takes up less room than fat.  Okay but still that damn number haunted me. I’m 5’6″ inches tall and wasn’t loving the number but was loving my muscle.

After having a lot of food testing done with my naturopath, I had the results and knew the foods that were causing inflammation in my body regardless of the calorie counting bs I embarked on daily.  I removed them and bam…. I’ll just say I lost more than 10 but less than 20 lbs and am happily settled where I feel comfortable.

But next I wanted to know the data behind that number.  I love the data!  Muscle mass, water weight, fat percentage ALL OF IT.  So I started researching scales and found this one, Bluetooth Smart Body Scale , after copious review reading.  It arrived and set up easily.  I believe it holds data for up to 8 people.  My dad, husband and I all got set up and LOVE IT.

The data is proprietary to your device so others don’t see your information.  Here is an example of mine data screen.

The app you need to download is Weight Gurus from the App store.  Works with Apple and Android.  It also links to Apple health, FitBit, Google Fit, My Fitness Pal, & Under Armor.

Each day I get on the scale first thing in the morning and it calculates my weight, water, body fat and muscle mass.  I can watch how it changes over time (hoping that the muscle mass goes up when I can weight lift my legs again – it’s been a long time).  And then I move on.  It takes literally seconds.

So here’s the thing, you are more than just a number.  I look my my muscle mass and body fat more intently than I do the overall weight number to measure my progress.

The appearance is super sleek.  Glass top.  Low profile to the floor. The price is $49.99!  Plus it had over 3k 4.5 star reviews.  I’ve had so many requests about it I just wanted to do a quick post to share.

This post is NOT sponsored but I do provide a link to Amazon that I do earn a percentage of the sale on items I share with you.  It’s not much trust me and I wouldn’t share something I don’t love with each of you.  



— Knead to Cook

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  1. Seems like a useful scale. Do you have another body fat scale to compare with this one? Was wondering about the accuracy of BF and muscle% ? I have a Tanita which measures BF, but not muscle. I’m glad you have been able to stay as lean as you wish throughout your injury/surgery. You work hard!