February Favorites Vegan Vitamins and Supplements.

One of the most frequently asked questions on Instagram is what supplements do I take?  Today, I’m sharing my Friday favorite series (albeit on Wednesday but I wanted to get it in for Feb.) of what I take in a day.  I know navigating vitamins, especially vegan, can be a nightmare.  Bill and I have tested a ton, and I sincerely mean that, and finally feel like we’re happy with our choices.  I’m not a big fan of taking tons of vitamins but the essentials are key.  Okay, let’s get this started!

I’ll take you through my day with the products I use to fuel my workouts, feed my muscles post workout and the supplements and vitamins I take daily.

This is my go-to!  It fuels my workouts daily.  The yerba mate energizes me – end of story. This product is a game changer.  5 calories per serving… it is my kryptonite.


This Vega Protein is my life. I’ve been using it daily for as long as I can remember.  This is their best protein they make. It’s nutrient-dense.  Packed with BCAA’s to help the body heal post workout.  The ingredients all allow for fast healing, reduction in inflammation and overall a great protein source.  I prefer vanilla but all the flavors are great.

I’m not a big pain reliever person.  But natural pain relief – count me in!  I started using this when I really had a lot of knee issues, inflammation and have continued to use it.  Let’s face it, you cannot humanly eat enough turmeric so I take it as a supplement.  It must have black pepper to absorb in the body and this product has you covered.  I take 2 pills daily.

My naturopath encouraged me to start taking a vegan omega and this was the product we agreed on.  Bill and I both take this daily and its been awesome.  We’ve tried many.  Benefits:  Unlike fish oil, this product is plant based algae.  Clean and free of toxins.  Fatty acids are integral for eye health.  Vitamin E supports cardiovascular function.    DHA helps improve your immune system by supporting blood cells allowing you to fend off illnesses easily.

I take this B complex pill that covers the spectrum of B vitamins 3x a week.  It states daily but I was getting too much so I cut back.  This vitamin contains all of the 8 essential B vitamins which support energy and metabolism.  Promotes heart health.  Biotin promotes healthy hair, skin and nail growth.

Oh the journey I’ve been on with this product for years.  I first started taking this years ago when I started suffering from RLS.  Supposedly it would calm and relax the nerves in my legs and allow me to sleep.  Well it did however I was getting up to urinate every single hour on the hour.  So I stopped taking it. Sydney started taking it and loved it.  No issues.  Okay, whatever.  My naturopath brought it up to me and I told her what had happened and she had no idea.  Okay, I started again.  And with that… the pee parade started again. I did a quick google to find that if you take vitamin D with it … that will happen.  I stopped the vitamin D and hallelujah I slept!  Plus another magical benefit to this product was that it had melatonin (so I could stop taking that) although sweetened, which IMO is the only downfall, it also makes your bowels incredibly regular and efficient.  Enough said on that one. I cannot live without this product because it worked perfectly and helped settle my legs at night.

That’s a wrap.  I am not sponsored by any of the products listed however I do make a nominal fee from the affiliate links in this post.  




— Knead to Cook

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