2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For the hard to buy for…

This sleep headphones headband

Admittedly, this is a very random gift but one that will intrigue. A set of lightbulbs that when on, looking like flames. How cool to put outside on your light post or porch light? Reminiscent of the old gas lights. I’m digging these.

Okay if you haven’t gotten a Ring doorbell now is the time! We were hesitant forever to get it and now our new house will be completely outfitted with this magical recording device. You can monitor activity outside your home, verbally respond to someone at your door… records activities with night vision so yeah. It’s a fun yet practical gift you won’t want to live without.

I may have gotten this for my girls. How cool is this USB charger???? I’m dying. So unique and so fun. Under $15! Who couldn’t you give this to?

Think about the people on your list who walk early or late. Have a dog that they are strolling around the neighborhood with? Someone who loves to tinker around and needs extra light? This hat is perfect and a bargain around $10!

We have the small screenless Alexa‘s but now is the time to upgrade. The price is great. Think about family, social distancing and video calling??!! Watching cooking videos… sky’s the limit.

Have a coffee or tea drinker? In laws? Grandparents? This heated mug is perfect. Keeps the beverage in the cup hot for 1.5 hrs on a single charge. I feel like this gift works for pretty much everyone!

I wanted to share a gift for kids or adults! These bike wheel lights. So much fun! Great pricing. Great gift under $15 for any bike riders on your list.


— Knead to Cook

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