The best and easy hair routine.

Since we decided to move last year, downsizing our life, selling pretty much everything, COVID, working on the front line, battling knee issues life was crazy stressful. My skin and hair were suffering big time which was crazy to me. Once we moved in December, I started to streamline and clean up my hair routine so that I could rebuild and strengthen. I had a ton of requests on Instagram to share what I changed, how my hair was colored, cut and all the things. I’m going to share what worked for me and the all the products I used.

I obviously wasn’t coloring and cutting my hair a lot as salons were closed. Once opened, my hair was pretty long and the weight of my fine, but a lot of hair, was weighing me down. So let’s talk about the cut first. My hair guru Liz normally cuts my hair every other appointment and I go for color about every 6 weeks. She does long layers but this time we did a modern shag taking a lot of the weight out. The color is a highlight and low light. There is no all over color used on my hair. I typically do more highlights versus low until fall rolls around when we try to balance it out a bit. The reason we decided to go this route is that it covers gray perfectly without regrowth being evident. Works like a charm. Aveda color/bleach products are used on my hair.

At home I wash my hair 2x a week. Normally Friday and Monday or Tuesday. I work out daily (rest day Saturday) and if I need, I’ll use dry shampoo in the interim. On non-washing, sweaty post workout days I shower, blow dry the sweat and spray with dry shampoo. Allow that to sit for 5 minutes, then blow dry it again. Add hair oil and move on with my day.

Washing, conditioning & styling:

The hair system I’ve been using for about 9 months is Olaplex. I use the shampoo and conditioner and mask as well as a bonder No.6 and the hair oil. I’ve found that washing first, using the mask (1x a week) next, then rinsing and conditioning works perfectly. After the shower, I use this hair towel to dry my hair, use the No. 6 product and blow dry for a few minutes with my Dyson dryer. My favorite knot-taming brush is also a game changer! If curing my hair, I’ve been using this curling iron that’s 1.25 inches and loving it. I finish with the hair oil from half way down my hair shaft to the ends. I don’t use hair spray.

When curling, work in sections and curl to the back of your hair. Allow each curl to fully cool and set. When I’m ready to brush, I put the oil in my hands, rub it together and run my fingers through the curls.

I started to realize that I spent a good amount of money coloring my hair and wasn’t using products to keep it healthy. Olaplex has been a game changer for me and with washing my hair 2x a week the products last forever! Truly.

Here is the collection of products I’m using for reference:

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I hope this helps and you’ve enjoyed this post. Happy weekend!


— Knead to Cook

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