Running, Meniscus Knee Injuries and Life Update.

Great quote that I felt represented me & my life over the past year.  Warning, this isn’t a food post.  It’s a life update on my fitness/meniscus repair/running… after all I’m more than just a food blogger/recipe creator.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know…

I’ve been hitting the gym hard weightlifting and doing cardio with no running.  The backstory:

Last year I was tackling a 50 mile trail race in April.  8 days prior to race day I was out doing a taper run and tore my meniscus.  At that point, running distance was off the table and I was faced with a surgery to either remove or repair my meniscus.  My surgery was early May and it was a very long recovery.  I was on bedrest for 2 solid weeks and unable to bear weight on my leg for over a month.  It was horrible. The pain, at points, unbearable.  But I tackled PT daily.  I lifted weights in my bed.  I did what I could with what I was permitted.

I’ll spare you all the ensuing drama in healing… well, it was kind of boring but long and arduous.

My knee throughout the winter kept swelling, a lot.  I kept ignoring it.  But eventually I found myself in a new orthopedist’s office talking stem cell shots.  I had my knee drained and opted to go the cortisone route initially.  I had great results and gained so much flexibly back.  However, the pinching that I kept feeling and pain was still lingering.  The pain preventing me from running— so I stopped.

Last Friday I went for a contrast MRI to figure out what exactly was happening.  X-rays first showed my injured knee is causing my leg to bow outward to help me avoid pain and pressure of the injury.

And you can see the bone and bone action is evident minus the needed cartilage and meniscus support.  Ugh.

Today I finally got to sit down and have THE chat with my doc.  Here’s what I learned:

My root repair from last year healed and is in tact.  Yay!
I tore another part of my meniscus however.  It was the end result of the bone on bone action.  If you keep rubbing two things together – like my bone, it will shred whatever tiny bits of meniscus that’s left.  So a tear and fraying is evident.
My meniscus is bulging and getting caught between my bones on the inside of my knee (where I feel a ton of pain).
I have arthritis in my knee and significant wear of pretty much everything.
My leg is bowing to the outside to compensate for the pain I’m experiencing.  My bone is also suffering blood loss due to the weight distribution.

Surgery to remove and clean out my meniscus.  Also this would allow the doc to ascertain a better perspective of my knee from the inside.
If I have cartilage – they can graph a meniscus but he doesn’t think I do so this is a no-go.
Remove parts of my knee bones and have a plate installed to evenly distribute weight bearing and reduce pain.

Chemical options:
Gel shots (1 a week for 3 weeks) to see if it helps reduce inflammation and pain.
Wear a meniscus brace to help distribute weight in my knee anatomically.
PRP or stem cell shots if needed.

So there it is.  I’m moving forward with gel first and will exhaust the chemical options first.  Logically as I don’t want another surgery.  Hoping to start next week, once they get insurance approval.

Thank you all for the endless messages of prayers and love.  For now, I’m permitted to do non-impacting cardio. Swim, elliptical etc.  He said distance running is over.  He isn’t ruling out running short distance runs but not now.  I’m totally relieved to have answers and a solid plan going forward.  I will keep weightlifting hard and doing my cardio at the gym daily. I’ve really been enjoying watching my physique change so much in such a short amount of time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my journey.  Onward & upward with a grateful heart always.

— Knead to Cook

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  1. You are always in my prayers. I’m glad that you got answers and know what’s going on. You’re a true inspiration and I’m hoping and praying the gel shots are the answer. Thinking about you and will continue to keep watching your journey via Instagram because I love that you’re real and honest!

  2. Sending you tons of virtual hugs and positive healing energy !! Everything will work out and you are so strong and adaptable and I know you will make a victory out if this too !! Xoxo

  3. You are doing amazing and are so strong! I am sending you my good thoughts and healing prayers.

  4. We are always thinking of you over here in Scotland and enjoy watching your insta stories . Hoping things will work well for you and you’ll get relief. You are such a strong inspirational woman 🙂
    God Bless x x

  5. Girl I’m so happy your knee is ok! Maybe not the news you were looking for, but I’m glad you know and can move forward now! Sorry to hear distance running is over. That’s probably a little heart breaking to hear, but hopefully short running soon! You’re amazing and happy you have a positive attitude! love you!

    1. Hi Heather! Actually not running at all isn’t bothering me and I wasn’t upset. I don’t know but it seems like I’ve run all my miles when I needed them. I’m loving weightlifting right now. One shot down today and so far so good 🙂 Fingers crossed. Thanks for the love. Love you right back!

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