Maille Mobile Preview Tasting in Philadelphia.

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You know that when a fabulous person falls into you life, regardless of how it happens, you embrace that relationship and place great value on it.  Products are very similar.  You find a product or products and they instantly become your go-to standards that you refuse to deviate from.  In my life as well as on my blog, I share only products that I’m truly passionate about.  Sometimes those posts are sponsored (which are noted) and other times I’m just sharing food or products that I use and love along my food journey.

Maille has been a two-fold blessing to me.  One, I’ve used their products forEVER!  Seriously, as long as I can remember way back when my husband and I moved in together and I was grocery shopping on my own (attempting to enter adulthood) I was buying Maille Dijon.  Well I started my blog a few years ago and have had many opportunities to work with companies creating recipes, attending events etc.  When I started my relationship with Maille I was not only excited because I love and use their products several times a week — I also made a wonderful friend Elsa who I just adore!  She’s my French connection and I just could chat with her for hours upon hours about travel, Paris, NYC, men, life… oh and wifi (inside joke).

So last week she emailed me about a mobile Dijon tasting mustard bar that would be at the Caribou Cafe in Philadelphia this past Saturday.  I had a swim meet to attend but nothing was stopping me from going to sample delicious food and time to catch up with Elsa.  This time we took our youngest and headed out post swim meet excited for our road trip.

Oh all the products I love so much and a new one that I discovered.

So excited to see Elsa as it’s been close to a year since I saw her in NYC during a lovely French festival.  Way too long.


My youngest loved trying new Dijon mustards and snacking on some cornichons.

Then Chef/Owner and Chopped Champion Olivier Desaintmartin from Caribou Cafe on Walnut created a sampling plate for us to try.


I happily stuck with the cabbage, my husband ate the salmon and my youngest unknowingly ate the duck, pate and the sausage.  She was a bit mortified that she ate a duck but admitted that she loved it!  The variety of Dijon products used made each sampling quite good.  My fault not notifying Elsa that I was a plant-based vegan.  I enjoyed what I ate!



My youngest was terribly interested in how they got this mobile tasting truck around… well here is the answer!

photo 2

So Maille is giving away a 3 day trip to Paris or a year supply of products.  To enter click here:

You can also follow the journey of their mobile tasting truck on their website.  Check them out if they come to a city near you!


— Knead to Cook

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  1. What a fun time and great tasting experience. You’re so lucky to be living so close to that vibrant city. Love the photos too! xoxo