Knead to Cook’s Biggest Giveaway EVER!!! Magimix by Robot-Coupe 3200 XL Food Processor.


The MAGIMIX by Robot-Coupe – North America Food Processor NEXT WINNER IS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Name: Lisa Schlingman Facebook.  You have until Thursday, Feb. 1st, 2013 to email me at to provide shipping information for your prize.  


Magimix by Robot-Coupe 3200XL Food Processor (Chrome)2

Robot-Coupe, the French company that developed the first food processor, applies the technology of its commercial models to this high-performance processor for home use. This versatile machine includes many components and accessories for a wide variety of uses.  Chrome finish.

  • Extremely powerful, extra-quiet motor.
  • Trio of work bowls allows you to carry out multiple tasks in rapid succession, without stopping to wash a bowl.
  • Small bowl is perfect for mincing herbs, chopping nuts or blending a sauce.
  • Medium bowl is ideal for slicing and grating.
  • Large bowl handles prep jobs like mixing batters, kneading dough and slicing a large batch of vegetables.
  • Motor automatically adjusts power and speed to suit job at hand.
  • Razor-sharp Sabatier stainless-steel blades and stainless-steel discs, strong enough for a variety of tasks including crushing ice.
  • Extra-large feed tube eliminates need to precut most ingredients.

Food Processor includes:

  • 6-cup, 10-cup and 12-cup mixing bowls.
  • 2 metal Sabatier blades, one for small bowl, and one for medium and large bowls.
  • Dough blade.
  • 2 grating discs.
  • 2 slicing discs.
  • Blender Mix attachment.
  • Egg whisk.
  • Spatula.
  • Recipe book and DVD.
  • Storage box.

This giveaway starts January 13th at 1 pm EST and goes through Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 12 pm EST.  US Residents only.  This promotion is run by Rafflecopter.

The winner must make contact with shipping address to within 48 hours.  The suggested retail is $350.00 USD.

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— Knead to Cook

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  1. Very cool giveaway! If I win, I think the first thing I’ll make is smitten kitchen’s newly posted ethereally smooth hummus!

  2. I would make a pie crust and fill it with some of those wonderful apples I have been getting at the store lately!

  3. I know *exactly* what I want to make: PIE CRUST! Although I’m not afraid to make it by hand, I look forward to the day when I can bake from scratch with a few little buttons. Oh, and soup!

  4. I would make homemade falafel patties because my current processing method just isn’t cutting it. 🙂

    1. Sorry forgot to answer the questions: I would make salsa or puree soup!! or maybe just shredd carrots:)

  5. What to make? What to make? That’s a hard decision. So many things come to mind, but I think I’d make some pie crust and fill it with my husbands favorite apple pie.

  6. My food processor has quit… made for interesting holiday cooking to say the least! This would be a perfect upgrade!

  7. Oh the possibilities my teenagers and I could make. We would most definitely use to prepare an entire Sunday family meal . My son and I doing soup , salad & entree. My daughter preparing dessert.

  8. If I win , The first thing that I would make would probably be hummus or guacamole. Yum!!!

  9. I would make some yummy pesto sauce. Then my daughter would no doubt start making dozens and dozens of cookies!!! My mixer is 13 years old so this would be AWESOME!!!!

  10. I really wanna make healthy food as a struggling college student its really hard and if I win I will be able to make healthy food and will also be able to share it with my friends

  11. What an amazing giveaway!!!! I would love to try your cookie butter and hummus recipe!!! Plus make salsa!

  12. I don’t have a food processor and would LOVE to win this fabulous one! If I am the winner, the first thing I’ll make is carrot cake, my spouse’s favorite dessert, which I don’t make for him very often because I’m too lazy to grate all those carrots by hand.

  13. Pie crust! I’m terrible at it, and it seems so easy in a food processor. My current one is very small.

  14. If I win this food processor I would try one of Robin’s new recipes! Maybe Cilantro Lime Pesto!!

  15. I love you site! If I win, it will be just in time for my younest birthday so I think I will make a birthday cake/cupcakes for our 50+ family members!

  16. I would make oreo truffles!!!! Love them!! Then I would make a dbl batch of sweet n salty caramel mousse cups from the Pampered Chef Seasons Best Cookbook!!!! FYI Thats where my website goes I’m a PC Consultant!!!

  17. If I were to win, probably the first thing I would make would be a pastry dough or hummus. Would be excited to give it a try.

  18. I do alot of canning. This would save me so much time!!! I would just love it 🙂 It’s just something I always dream of having when I am chopping up all those veg’s for canning.

  19. Must Have! Looks like Top-of-the-Line! I could make lots of Vegetable soups with this. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome machine.

      1. This “Magimix by Robot-Coupe 3200 XL Food Processor” looks like Top Drawer to me! Must Have! I would have some fun making lots of Homemade Veggie Soups with it. Thank you “Knead to Cook” for the opportunity to win this awesome machine.

  20. This is absolutely wonderful! If I were to win I could finally make puff pastry! lol I have a tiny food processor…yes I have tried to make it in there (shaking head) it does not work lol One day Martha Stewart, I will make your puff pastry!! lol

  21. If I win the first thing I will make will be pie crust… my fingers crossed 🙂

  22. I had a food processor on my Christmas list but not get one. Definitely in need of one. A blender just does not do the work right.

  23. What a fabulous giveaway Robin!! I would LOVE to win this, I have been begging hubby to get me one for my bday!! The first thing I would make is… Probably a verde sauce with roasted chilis and tomatillos to go over some cheesy enchiladas!! Good luck to meeeeeee!

  24. Oh my, after admiring my new food processor for at least 2 days, I’d probably go crazy making everything from Pie crust to cookie butter to pesto…So many wonderful things to make in a food processor and I’ve never had one.

  25. I have no idea what I would make. The options with this food processor seem endless. Probably pizza dough – I make it just about weekly.

  26. So many choices! I like how fast you sliced zucchini so I’d probably try that for some grilled veggies. Maybe some pesto and salsa, too! Would really come in handy with my summer garden! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Would love to win so I could make your recipes. Love your sight. Have used a bunch of your recipes. Trying to lose weight and u are great encouragement. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. I don’t know what I will do yet but what ever I do its going to be quick and easy. Maybe smoothies.

  29. I would make a delcious carrot cake from scratch!! Then probabbky make some zucchini pancakes with a homemade sauce

  30. I’d make a many- layered dessert for a church function…
    Also big loaded soups & salsas,
    would love seeing what it would do…!

  31. peanut butter! I have always wanted to make fresh peanut butter and this would give me that chance!

  32. Salsa for the Super Bowl Party!!! Then in the summer a great way yo speed up my tomato sauce canning!

  33. I would make a huge batch of cookies and a cakes for the wounded warriors at San Antonio Texas – Brooke Army Medical Center. We go there on a regular basis.

  34. I have never owned a food processor and I need one so bad. I have limited use of my right arm when it comes to kneading and difficult tasks. This would make my life in the kitchen so much better and easier.

  35. I would love to make pico and it would be great for veggies when i am making soup. What a exciting giveaway!

  36. Love to make something new and fresh…olive tepanade with lots of fresh parsley! Would love this machine in my kitchen!! Thanking you for the chance.

  37. Thanks for the chance to win one of these, I think my processor is dying! I have so many recipes running through my head it’s hard to decide which to make first! I think it will be cookies!

  38. I am thinking pesto, cheesecake, pie crust, some pineapple salsa and maybe a little peanut butter! Yum!

  39. YAY! I am SO happy I won this food processor, I can really use it. I just emailed you my shipping address! Thanks Robin! Lisa Schlingman

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