Holiday Gift Guide: For the athlete

*Please note that this gift guide contains affiliate links that I receive a commission from when the item is purchased.  

These Pearl Izumi arm warmers work perfectly for the cyclist, runner, explorer.

If you’ve resisted buying a Theragun… now is the time.  This smaller version is a better price, portable and great all around.

Short on space? Yep this compact kettlebell has got you covered going up to 40lbs!  Completely adjustable and a great addition to your home gym.

Got a bike?  Need a lock.   This is a great one and a staple for the cyclist.

You didn’t think I could ever do a athlete gift guide without my favorite?  Peloton OG bike or the Peloton + is the ultimate. The OG bike is now $400 off and a great price.  My referral code is: CRYGT5 for a $100 bonus to use on equipment.

I’m just such a huge fan of Bombas socks and these will be purchased for my favorite cyclist!

Why bother with laces that come undone?  These are the most obvious solution but something most don’t have.  Great for kids, teens, runners or anyone that wears sneakers!

Dark winter running requires a headlamp.  This lamp can be used running, walking or hiking at dusk or dawn.  Provides visibility for you and others.

Cycling on the road can be dangerous.  Proper lighting to add visibility to distracted drivers, especially at dusk or dawn is crucial. This light is 7000 lumens and ultra powerful for optimum visibility.

Reflective gear is a must after I was hit by a car running.  This beanie has a reflective accent and works for both men and women.

Okay the things no one wants to discuss, chafing, rashes and saddle sores… they happen to everyone!  This is my go-to!  


— Knead to Cook

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