Friday Favorites Series. 19 February 2016.

friday favorites
I’ve been so MIA this week and I’ll apologize upfront.  We’ve been renovating our master bathroom (we’ve – my dad and me) 8 hours a day since  Sunday.  I miss my kitchen to be honest and have been just winging it for dinners.  Sad but true.

I was determined not to miss my training runs or Friday Favorites so here it is πŸ™‚  My favorite products that I’m crushing on this week.  Hope you love them too!

Of course, I’ve started to think of finishing details for my bathroom despite being very far away from completion.  I spotted these canisters during a Target run and I had to pick up two of them for bathroom.  They are airtight and come in 3 sizes.  Perfect for storing soaps, q-tips, cotton balls etc.  They are very classic and quite pretty.  They are 10% off on line too and can be found here.


My latest and favorite workout sleeveless tee is THIS ONE!!!  Love it and it sums it up perfectly.


I’m an ambassador for Lucy and I proclaim my love for their workout clothes often.  Seriously, unique workout clothes that I use and abuse running daily.  They last forever and this tank is $29!  Love it.  Soft.  Non-chafing (hallelujah). I love orange and it was so fun.  You can find it here.

We love these Mamma Chia squeeze pouches!  My kids love them.  I grab them and go all the time.  The cherry beet is my favorite.  They’re available at most stores but I grab them at Target most of the time.  You can learn more about these here .

I don’t watch a lot of television but my daughter turned me on to Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.  Have you seen this show???  This kid has a wild gift.  I never believed in clairvoyance but after watching him over and over – I’m officially wanting to meet him.


That’s it from my favorites this week.  Now onto my fitness recap ~~

This week I bounced back to higher mileage again and will remain there next week as well.  Here’s my brief recap before we head out for my daughter’s 17th birthday dinner.

Sunday: -10 degrees with windchill and we did 11 outdoor miles
Monday: 10 progressive miles (each mile faster than the last) on the treadmill
Tuesday: 9.25 progressive miles on the treadmill/weights
Wednesday: Planned rest day.
Thursday: 20 outdoor miles – faster pace than I normally have done with my hr in control.
Friday: 10 treadmill miles/strength/core

Happy Friday everyone!





— Knead to Cook

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