Friday Favorites Series. 12 February 2016.

friday favorites


Friday is always a reason to celebrate, right? I’m excited for the weekend because my husband has been working exponentially more the past two weeks and with my early training schedule – our paths haven’t crossed all that much.  We’ve communicated more by text than in-person. We aren’t big into big Valentine’s Day celebrations – dinner, gifts etc.  Our plan is going for a breakfast date and farmer’s market shopping Saturday morning and demo in our master bathroom during the day.  We’re revamping three projects and will do all the work ourselves – we love it.  May not be the typical romantic weekend but spending time together will be very much appreciated at this point.  And sledgehammers – well that’s just plain fun!  Hoping the weather allows us a run outside on Valentine’s Day but we shall see.  May be running side by side on treadmills.

So over the past two days I’ve been thinking about my favorite things this week.  I’m really excited to share them with you so let’s get rolling!
What I’m reading this week & honestly loving is:

Brendan has long been an awesome resource for training and vegan fueling for me.  This book is a second edition that has updated fueling, nutrition, menus and a wealth of information for anyone who wants to train and fuel smart. He outlines timing and what type of food is best.  Pictures of exercises to optimize your workouts.  Resources of where to find products he references.  He has been obsessively dedicated to optimizing his performance and the benefits of nutrition which he clearly lays out for the reader.   I finished this book in 1 day – and look forward to testing out all of the recipes.  You can find it here.


We aren’t coffee drinkers here but do love a big cup of tea in the morning.  One of my favorites is Palais des Thes.  They have gracious offered to do a giveaway with my readers on both my blog and my Instagram account.
The des Amants_black tea

2 U.S. winners will be chosen on Valentine’s Day and announced here and on my Instagram post.  The winner will receive a box of 20 tea bags (as pictured above).  To enter here – please leave a comment on this post below. #sponsored


One thing I miss being vegan is yogurt – that is until now!   I always pick up a vegan yogurt to try but I’m always left disappointed.  Well, that was until now.  I stumbled up Daiya’s strawberry and fell in love.

It had a great, thick Greek yogurt texture to it.  The flavor was wonderful.  Perfect paired up with granola.  I’m now a happy girl again.  My grocery store had it for $1.25 or so in the vegan/gluten free refrigerated aisle.  Definitely worth a taste. It does come in other flavors but I haven’t tried them yet.  It can also be found here.


My last favorite is:

Let’s face it… snow on the ground and frigid temps make you long for summery days at the beach.  This spray enhances my wavy hair to at least make my hair look like I’ve spent the day at the beach despite my pale white skin πŸ˜‰ LOL.  It also doubles up as a body spray that I love.  A vacation in a glass bottle… I’ll take it.  It can be found here.

This week was a step-down for me meaning that I eased up on my mileage this week to help recover my legs a bit.  My long run was tapered back and my weekly overall mileage was a bit less than normal.  My last two days of training this week landed me on the treadmill due to brutally cold temps that I won’t navigate with my Raynaud’s in my hands.  This is what my training looked like:

Sunday: 10.6 outdoor miles with Bill
Monday: 10.6 treadmill miles/weights/core
Tuesday: 11 outdoor miles in the snow.
Wednesday: rest day.
Thursday: 17 treadmill miles
Friday: 8.32 treadmill miles/weights/core

That’s a wrap.  Hoping you have a sweet Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.  Cherish the moments over the things – they mean more in the end.  And don’t forget to leave me a comment to be entered into the tea giveaway. ~oxo


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Ohhhhh I am so excited about the yogurt !! I had no idea this was available. Thank you so much for sharing these finds with us. I am going to order that book too as I am always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for helping me become a better person !! Have fun with the demo this weekend !!! xoxo

  2. So many lovely Friday Finds!
    Can’t wait to look for the daiya
    yogurt…..and the tea sounds
    heavenly. Will also check out
    your other finds — thank you
    for sharing them!

    xo Suzanne