Friday Favorite Products for January 2018

For 2018 I’m re-instituting my favorites on my blog for easy reference (versus my Insta stories).  I’m all about improving my health naturally, boost my self care and improve my well being especially in 2018!  I hope you find some new product ideas or learn about product options that can add to your health and wellness this new year.

I’m providing links to each product that I’ve found the best prices on but be aware I may earn a nominal affiliate fee.  These aren’t products that I’m getting paid to advertise yet products I use or take daily & I love.

Turmeric Pills (with black pepper necessary for absorption) isn’t just a new find but something I’ve been taking since last year.  The fact is, as much as I add to my diet, it’s still never enough so I take a supplement.  I take 2 pills a day to help reduce inflammation and pain in the body naturally.  I’ve been faithfully using since my knee replacement over pain relievers.

I’ll be sharing my go-to smoothie recipe on Monday but these are the ingredients I’ve been adding faithfully.  This maca powder (for energy) is vegan (some have gelatin), raw cacao powder provides protein as well as provides cellular defense against the effects of free radicals, improving the look of skin and promoting cellular repair and rejuvenation.  Plus I use this in my reishi hot cacao recipe found here.   And finally, reishi powder.  I’ve been using this in the aforementioned hot cacao recipe or in my smoothies.  So many benefits to mushrooms.  Reishi helps boost immunity to protect against illness, calm nerves (has helped with my restless leg) and detox the body.  I love it right before bed and it’s perfect teamed up with the cacao powder (as the mushroom powder is a bit bitter).


New for 2018 I’ve tackled two areas of personal care that I had been interested in and had spoken to my naturopath about.  Tongue scraping.  Why?  Tongue scraping twice a day, removes residual food left on the tongue, bacteria that causes bad breath and stimulates digestion.  I was super happy with my set of 2 for a great price (all stainless steel and will last forever).  This set (you can share one with your partner) is a great price for the quality.

My tip is to store in a separate drawer and rinse with hot water before and after using.  It’s a bit oversized to store neatly in a compact area.

The last product I’ll share for my Friday favorites is my dry brush. I started researching dry brushing last year and never pulled the trigger until I was recuperating after my knee surgery. It takes about 2-3 minutes prior to showering (best to do in the morning) to stimulate your body for toxin removal, stimulate blood flow to the heart, helps improve skin texture and some say helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  No guarantee there but I do love doing it.  This one can be used wet or dry.  Start at your feet and work towards the heart.  Stomach do in clockwise motions.  Avoid your neck and face.  It’s a bit addicting but my naturopath suggested every other day to avoid over drying your skin during winter months.  My routine is to do it prior to showering.  Shower and follow up with some body oil afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed my list.  Next Friday I’m going to tackle vegan vitamins I take 🙂



— Knead to Cook

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