Best of… vegan beauty and skincare.

Baaaaahaaaa!  Okay but seriously.  Let’s tackle all things beauty, skincare, hair care, teeth and deodorant that are all vegan and my favorites.  Logically, your thinking its makeup or shampoo there can’t be animal products in there, right?  Well, I’m looking at ingredients and testing on animals and you’d be shocked.  Sounds crazy that we even need to think about cosmetic companies testing on animals or even more dreadful using animal products (umm crushed dead beetles give make-up that lovely shimmer) but most major retailers found in drug stores and mainstream department stores animal test or use animals in their products.  The more you know, right?  Yes!  Education is key.  Where you put your money is a vote with retailers.

So in this listing I wanted to cover both drugstore and luxury (or department store/Sephora/Ulta) brands as well as products available online.  Let’s get started.

Some of my favorites are found at Target or my local health food store.  Bargain prices and work like a charm!  Here are links to my favorites:
Elf  carries all things beauty and skin care along with beauty brushes.  LOVE them.
Kiss My Face is one of those brands that has you covered from sunscreen to toothpaste, from deodorant to shampoo.
Yes to is one of those companies I was using long before my veganism was in the forefront.  I loved their ingredients (hello fruit and plant based).  My daughters have been using their makeup wipes for years and years.  Baby products. Skincare.  Beauty.  Love it all! The tomato line has always been my favorite.
NYX is a new favorite of mine. I’ve been smitten with their mascara and found it at Target.  I’ve been excited to try other makeup from them but my Target is always sold out!  Tons of cute makeup and edgy colors if you so desire too.
Pacifica is another fun find at your local Target.  I received a deodorant wipe packet in a vegan gift beauty box and was immediately intrigued with the brand.  Their products range from skincare, beauty/face care/masks, scrubs to perfume. Their products all smell so damn good!  HIGHLY recommend.
Alba has wonderful hair, face, body and sun products!  I’ve used their hair products off and on for years and love.
Toms has the best aluminum free deodorant that both my husband and I use.  PLUS I use many of their toothpastes.  Since wearing Invisalign… I brush my teeth anywhere from 5-8 times a day.  This is a favorite for sure.  No funky chemicals to destroy my teeth.

Let’s move on to the beauty brands you can find at your favorite Sephora, Ulta or department stores.  In no particular order…
Mad Hippie is a recent favorite of mine.  Their serums and face oils are incredible!  I also use their face lotion/spf for skin protection.  This may be a new brand to you but they have a cult following.  A must check out brand!
Lush is a favorite by teens and adults alike.  Ahhh the bath bombs, creams, lotions, potions and fun sparkly, clean smelling fun.  This is a favorite and standard in my house for everyone.  I’m fond of their masks.
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Where do I start?  I started with nail polishes and love most products I’ve tested from OCC.  Plus the name gets me every single time.  Another favorite… lip tar!
Tarte is one of those companies I’ve used forever and a day and was thrilled to know they’re vegan.  Their amazonian clay foundation is the BOMB!  They occassionally partner with Kat Von D for special releases… run when you see them!
Juice Beauty is fairly new and is lead by the incomparable  Goop creator Gwyneth  Paltrow.  I’ve found this beauty line at Anthropologie and I’ve loved their pressed powder immensely.  Flawless finish.  Beautiful packaging.  I’ve also become quite smitten with their wrinkle creams (sad to say but I’m getting old).  Ha.  And their cream blushes are divine.
Too Faced is the quintessential girlie, pink, classic beauty line. This brand is my favorite for classic beauty that works with my skin tone effortlessly.  My absolute favorites are their melted matte lip sets and the foundation.  Oh and their blushes too!  Cannot get enough!
Yarok is one of those incredible hair product companies that you may not be aware of.  I needed to include them on my list. Their products are insanely awesome.  My favorites… feed your ends leave in conditioner, hair mask and their dry shampoo.
Kat Von D.  I’ve been a forever fan of this lady since she was on that tattooing show decades ago! Do you remember that show?  I think the name of it was Miami Ink!!!  I was fascinated with her way back then and this lady is without a doubt a pioneer/badass.  Her vegan cosmetic line is a dream.  It does what it says and I have yet to find a line of makeup that is so damn impressive.  My all-time favorite is her everlasting lip and her concealer.  UNfreaking believable!  You heard it here.  Best selection is at Sephora.

Okay that’s a wrap on all things skin, beauty, hair etc. etc.  I hope you enjoy!

Finally took Saturday as a rest day!  So my new week started today…

Sunday:  Run with Bill 6 outdoor easy miles

Happy Sunday 🙂

— Knead to Cook

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