Vegetable chickpea savory pancake/omelette. V. GF.

Vegetable chickpea pancake.  Vegan.  Gluten free.

Happy President’s Day!  I will admit I was due for a long, restful weekend after many busy weekends. The weather on the east coast warmed up, unseasonably of course for PA, to around 70 and we spent most of our time outside enjoying.  AND if you follow me on Insta or Snap – you know we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 18th birthday.  We even got to run/ride on trails yesterday and it was heavenly.  Today, after an aggressive TRX HIIT workout  I kicked off my Monday with a bit of a departure from my normal tofu pudding breakfast.  Lately, I’ve been craving more savory foods & this chickpea pancake was perfect.

This was my first attempt at making a chickpea pancake/omelette type recipe and after a failed first attempt… the second one was a winner.  I’ll share my lessons learned below.  The flavor profile of this was very Mexican in nature.  I’m looking forward to experimenting more with different seasonings and veggies.  I topped this one with avocado, tomatoes and lots of hot sauce.  I’m seriously smitten with my latest creation.
Recipe yields 1 pancake.  Approximate calorie count for the version pictured:  397 calories.


1/2 cup of garbanzo/chickpea flour
1/2 cup of purified water
2 teaspoons of coconut oil (divided)
1/2 cup of chopped zucchini
1 clove of garlic, minced
1/2 of a jalapeño, diced
1/2 of a shallot, diced
1/4 teaspoon of smoked paprika
1/4 teaspoon of chipotle pepper
Pinch of salt
Freshly ground pepper

Toppings:  Avocado slices, tomato slices, jalapeno, red onion, spring onions or hot sauce.


First, make your pancake batter.  Into a small mixing bowl add your flour and water and whisk.  Then add seasonings and whisk again.  Set that aside.

Chop your veggies.  To a nonstick sauté pan add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil over medium heat.  Once melted, add your vegetables and sauté for 4-6 minutes stirring often.  Once cooked add your veggies to your pancake batter and stir. I tried pouring the batter atop of the veggies in the pan my first go-around and I disliked the distribution.  It worked much better adding the cooked veggies then pour into the pan to cook.

Add the other teaspoon of oil to your hot pan and then add the pancake batter.

Almost instantly you’ll notice the edges start to look like a traditional pancake. Allow the pancake to cook for 2-3 minutes over medium heat to brown up nicely.  Keep a watchful eye.

Then flip to the other side to brown.

Once cooked, plate and top with whatever you prefer.  I added sliced avocado, tomato slices and some hot sauce.


Yesterday, as mentioned, the weather was insanely beautiful.  My husband and I hit our favorite trails for running and riding.

Sunday: 8 outdoor trail miles
Monday: 50 minutes TRX/HIIT workout

Excuse my food shipment boxes in the background.  #worklife

Happy Monday friends!

— Knead to Cook

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