Spring cleaning with OXO & Method.

Spring is FINALLY here & we’re enjoying some seasonal temperatures, opening windows and yes, cleaning out the staleness of winter.  I’m always excited to partner with OXO to highlight some of the newest products to help you easily clean and keep your home in order.  Today, I’m focusing on the kitchen with some great tools and some fun seasonal scented cleaning products from Method as well.

Large Sink Mat: Protects dishes from chipping and scratching. Designed to allow air and water to flow freely to discourage mildew build-up. It also saves food that flies off of my cutting board and prevents said items from falling down the drain!  That’s my favorite part to be honest.

Sink Organizer with Flip-Down Sponge Holder: Makes holding, draining and organizing your sink a snap. I love that the sponge is out of my sink.  With teenagers, they’re always lazy and toss the sponge anywhere.  Sinks, sadly, can be bacteria havens so I appreciate having a nice place to store it also allowing the sponge to dry out v. sitting in water.

Palm Brush: Scrub out the toughest stains without leaving a mark. The sponge with scrub is durable for thorough cleaning, and is safe for all your non-stick, ceramic and glass cookware and bakeware. I love this scrubber. It is gentle on my plates and pots however so effective at cleaning baked on oatmeal or other sticky situations.

Dish Squeegee: The flexible silicone and the combination of flat and curved edges makes clearing leftover food from plates and bowls a breeze.
Grimy, stuck on foods require some extra muscle from time to time. This flexible scaper has been really awesome at removing stuck on foods while not scratching my dishes and bowls like silverware would do.
These Method cleaners smell so good and are plant based for a cleaner, safer home!
16″ Turntable: Make the most of pantry space and save yourself a deep reach. Non-slip feet and a deep ledge help the Turntable keep items in place.  I’ve used these in my kitchen and in my garage to efficiently store commonly used items.  I love these!  Also great for make up, bathroom storage of medications, products etc.

These turntables turn with ease with toppling over your products.

Thank you to OXO for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are solely mine and not influenced by any outside factors.

Happy spring friends!

— Knead to Cook

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