Lemon Poppyseed Cookies. Vegan. GF.

Lemon Poppyseed Cookies. Vegan. GF.
Lemon Poppyseed Cookies. Vegan. GF.

It’s Marathon Monday!  So excited to watch and virtually cheer on my friends running Boston today!  They all rocked it!!  So after my workout, appointments – I came home to whip up some cookies.  I’ve been toying with this recipe and feel good enough to share it with you all.  The cookies remind me of a scones.  The texture is a bit more dense like a scone but in a small cookie form.  What more can you want?!  Plus the lemony flavor is perfect and light for the warmer weather that we’ve been enjoying.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!


2.5 cups of gluten free flour (I used Bob’s Redmill 1 to 1)
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup of melted coconut oil
3/4 cup of nut milk (I used Silk Cashew Milk)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of poppy seeds
Zest of one lemon


Preheat your oven to 350 and line your baking sheet with a Silpat or parchment paper.  In a bowl, place your sifter over the bowl and add your flour, sugar, powder and salt.  Sift.  Set that aside.

In your stand mixer, with paddle attached, blend coconut oil, milk, extrac, zest and poppy seeds.  Blend until combined.  Then add your flour mixture.  Blend that dough until everything is incorporated.  If the flour is super dry – add a tablespoon of milk until it loosens up.  Each gf dough acts differently.  The consistency should be like normal cookie dough.

Then using a small scoop, I take the dough and roll it in between my hands.  I then press it flatter and lay it on the cookie sheet.  Bake for 11-12 minutes. The cookie will retain its light color.

If you wish to make a glaze – whisk 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2/3 cup of confectioners sugar.  Once the cookies are cooled – dunk each top of the cookie into the glaze.  Set over a cooling rack and repeat.  Enjoy!


This weekend was filled with more sunshine and warm weather.  I knew the inevitable was going to happen… my husband was going to ask to go for a ride.  In fact there is a ride/race thing next week he’s wanted to do.  He wanted to get me out and get some mileage under my belt to see if I wanted to do it.  I’m new to cycling and it is simply terrifying to clip in and have cars inches away from you while riding.  I already have one screw in my finger… I don’t wish to break anything and have any more.  With that being said… here is my recap:

Friday: rest day
Saturday: 5:23 outdoor miles
Sunday: 12 miles cycling (I had only slept 4 hours that night so I didn’t want to go that far)
Monday: 4:44 treadmill miles – 4 -800’s at 7.8 to 8.0 speed with 7.2 recovery in between then cool down. Weights focusing on upper body, some legs and abs.

That’s it from here.  Congrats to all the marathon runners!


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Hi Robin! These looks great and I can’t wait to make some, but when do you add the lemon zest and how much of it do you use?

    Big fan of everything you do!

    1. Just added that πŸ˜‰ sorry! My brain works faster than my fingers sometimes. Evidently these cookies are a hit with my daughter’s high school friends too. Hope you enjoy!