Gift guide for the pets.

Love your Yeti? Your pup will too! Keep their water nice and cold all year round with this Yeti bowl. It comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect gift. For an extra bonus, fill that bowl up with a bag of holiday treats!

Nail trimmers are a must for dogs! This one works perfectly without terrifying Fido πŸ™‚ Our dogs don’t mind this one at all v. the terror that is evoked when we go to the local per salon. Plus you can do their nails quickly because it’s electric.

This dog bed is very similar to our tempurpedic bed we bought for our beloved Samantha (Olive now uses it). Durable and so supportive for aging dog or cat joints. We keep ours in her crate and she loves it! Vacuums easily and is quite dense.

Let’s not forget the cat lovers out there! This toy is multi-levels of entertainment for your furry friend. Our cat, who is ancient, still loves playing with toys like this! Easy and fun for hours!

Getting the dog to sit patiently in the tub while you’re giving them a bath… yes, count me in! You place a treat in this holder and Fido needs to work methodically at getting to it. In the meantime… you scrub away!

The next gift guide is all for you! ~ox

— Knead to Cook

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