Gift guide for the girls! Vegan.

Oh this sweet little bag is perfect for any age girl. I stopped carrying a purse and use this type of wristlet all the time. Super easy, comfortable and it holds everything you need! Great price point for your daughter, girlfriend or you!

I own these. They are, by far, the most comfortable, shape your booty –fabulous leggings you will ever wear! I wear these with my combat boots & they are total badass. Cannot love these more! These go from the teen to beyond easily.

This is my go-to vegan perfume. I love giving this roller ball as a present. Under $30, smells fabulous and is a clean beauty item. Great for throwing in your bag, backpack or pocket. Smells like dreamy vanilla… love.

Sydney turned me on to this candle company and I just cannot. Laughing out loud. These soy candles are everything… no other words needed. For your bestie, mother, mother-in-law or whomever! The best!

There isn’t a person on my list who doesn’t love a salt lamp! And under $17 this is a gift that keeps on giving. Lovely nightlight, mediation light and some believe offer some lovely health benefits like cleansing, increasing blood flow, reduction in congestion… I love relax when mine is on and recenter. Both of my girls and I own them and truly love. It’s a substantial gift for the price!

These rings from Baublebar have taken the world by storm. They are beautiful, fun and a great price! A various amount of color options. A great price point under $50! Just so beautiful, classy, fun and ageless!

Tomorrow’s gift guide will be for the pets!

— Knead to Cook

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