Fall 2018 gym favorites and essentials.

Oh hey there friends!  September is upon us, despite the 90 degree temps but I’m getting ready for some warm and fabulous fall recipes to share.  For now, I wanted to do a blog post updating you on my favorite fitness equipment/apparel and accessories that I can’t live without.  I hope you find some goodies that make your training efforts a bit more tolerable.

First things first… a watch. I’ve been through a lot (mainly Garmin’s) and I find it necessary for optimum training.  I train by heart rate when doing cardio and this watch provides accurate data each workout.

Apple watch, stainless 42mm case with Milanese band.  I’ve been using this watch for 9 months now and absolutely love it still.  I love the Milanese band for work/casual wear and swap it out with my Nike band below when I train.

My band is black with white accents but here is a equally awesome band to work out in.

I bought these leggings after the Nordstrom sale and paid full price.  When I received them, I noticed the ombre is VERY subtle.  I was on the fence about keeping them until I tried them on. They are heavenly.  I wear them every chance I get to the gym and for casual wear.  These awesomely comfy tights are on sale right now at Nordstrom.  I wear an XS for reference.

These are my go-to sneakers for years.  The newer versions are incredibly comfy.   And yes I’m very aware of the Nike controversy right now but as you know, I refuse to talk about politics on my blog so refrain from the emails or DM’s.  These are currently my favorite sneakers and I’m merely sharing.


I’ve been using a similar Nathan water bottle for years while running and training at the gym.  I love the zippered pouch for my wired headphones when I need them (at the gym).  I always use my Vega Energizer in water for each workout.


I found this Lululemon wristlet this past weekend.  I attached my keyring to the handle (for gym card etc.) and I’m in love.  It fits my credit cards/license, money and my phone easily. Great small accessory I can tote around the gym from machine to machine easily without losing a beat.  I even keep my air pods in there too!

Finally these!  I’m a sucker for a good camo print and these don’t disappoint!  Full length wunder under camo legging only available online. They are perfection with a white tee, boots and a denim jacket.  With a big turtleneck sweater and boots.  Or with a tank and sneakers for the gym.  These are a must!

That’s a wrap folks.  Time to get dinner started before everyone comes home.  Happy September!



— Knead to Cook

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  1. Do you run with your Apple watch. I’m a pretty serious runner and am tied to my Garmin. I would love to get an Apple watch so I can listen to Apple music but I’ve heard the data for distance/pace isn’t great – but then I hear from some that it is. Have you compared it to your Garmin? I’m starting another round of marathon training soon and am so glad you mentioned Vega energizer. I just remember I had a sample πŸ™‚

    1. Mina, I am just getting back to running now after my knee replacement in December, which is coincidentally, the same time I got my Apple watch. My husband uses his to run and loves it. I can’t speak to it yet until I start to run some distance (that I’m allowed) and then I can report back. I absolutely love it more than Garmin in every other aspect for sure! And being able to answer calls on my watch… game changer!