Overnight oat chia protein pudding. Vegan. GF.

Hey there kids! I hope your 2020 has been starting off nicely. I’ve been on an organizing tirade and have managed to clean out so much of my house. Once that was done, I went back to work with a very heavy schedule. So this week I’ve been meaning to shoot and schedule to share this recipe. It’s been my go-to for about 4 months now. I’ve tinkered with different amounts but this version is perfection. Adjusting the milk is key if you prefer it looser or thicker. See notes below.

2 tbl of rolled oats – I use organic and gluten free
2 tbl of black chia seeds
2 tbl of Vega Sport vanilla protein
1 – 1.25 cup(s) or more of your favorite plant-based milk, unsweetened


This recipe is incredibly easy but you must follow the correct order or the chia will adhere to the bottom of your jar and will be like cement! I add the ingredients as I have listed. Once the milk is in there I place the lid on and shake really well. Allow to sit on the counter for a few minutes. Occasionally give the jar(s) a shake to mix up the chia – it sinks before it becomes gelatinous. Once you see it thickening up – around 4-5 minutes, give one more good shake and put in the fridge. I make 4 at a time and leave in the fridge all week. I eat one a day for breakfast. I top with fresh berries, pomegranate seeds and my homemade nut butter. Whatever you wish.

*The milk amount is quite subjective. I’ve made it really thick or looser… it just depends on your preference. Start with a cup and move up from there if you prefer.

Again, I make 4 at a time and once all the jars are empty I start over. These are the jars I use. This is the protein powder I love.

Super easy recipe. I make this in batches and it works out perfectly.

— Knead to Cook

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