Easter Peeps Cookie Butter Cups.




Easter is just a mere 3 days away and I’m rushing around making sweet little treats for friends & family.  My daughter picked these Peeps out yesterday, their my father’s favorite, and I decided to use them today.  I’m getting in the springy holiday spirit (finally).  Peanut butter cups, nah!  Cookie butter cups… YES!

Making chocolate cups is very easy.

Ingredients & Directions:

Decide if you are going to use full size paper liners or minis and line your muffin pans accordingly.

1-2 lbs of chocolate wafers (milk, dark or white chocolate)

A double boiler – a small sauce pan with a small amount of water simmering and a bowl over top.  (I don’t like microwaving chocolate because it’s too easy to burn so I do it this way).   Make sure your bowl is microwave or heat resistant.  The water should NOT touch the bowl where you will melt the chocolate.  The steam is  enough to heat the bowl above.

1-2 teaspoons of vegetable or canola oil

Cookie butter (Trader Joe’s) or Biscoff spread – or your favorite nut butter

1 package (or more) of Peeps

Holiday Peanut M&M candies

Once you get the water to boil, turn down to a simmer.  Place your bowl over the top of the pan (cover completely) and place half of your chocolate and 1 tsp of the oil.  Stir often until all of the chocolate is melted completely.

With a measuring spoon or tablespoon, ladle the chocolate into each cup just covering the bottom and swirling with the spoon a bit up along the edges all around.  Repeat.  Place in the freezer for 5 minutes or until solid.

Then melt more chocolate and add the remaining oil.  While that’s heating up and melting, take a small amount of your filling and drop it in the middle of each muffin cup.  Try your best to flatten it out so it’s level.  Then spoon more chocolate over top until it is completely covered.  Once all of are complete, stick one Peep in the center of each cup pressing down gently.  Then surround each Peep with the M&Ms. Return to the freezer and let them set up for 15-25 minutes.  Remove the paper lining and enjoy!




— Knead to Cook

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