Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service.


Over the month of December, my family had the pleasure to test out fresh food home delivery from Blue Apron. Admittedly, I’m quite critical about food, quality, packaging and presentation due to the fact that I receive a lot of food samples/products from companies all over the world.  My family was so impressed with the fresh food, quality, packaging, timeliness that we ordered several gift cards for holidays gifts for friends and family to channel their inner chef.  Let’s face it, less trips to the grocery store during the crazy rush and fresh, new recipes in hand.  I was smitten with the entire concept.

So many people think they can’t cook, prefer not to go to the grocery store and gravitate towards eating out or getting take-out. Does this sound familiar?  But what if a box of fresh food packaged with everything you need, no waste, would be shipped directly to you when you want with the meals you chose? It’s a game-changer – even for a foodie like me who loves grocery shopping/prepping food for my family.

So let me tell you how the whole process worked.  You sign up online and select how many people are in your family, dietary needs/restrictions/preferences and then you select meals and delivery dates.  That’s it!  The insulated package is delivered right to your door.

Inside the box you will find recipe cards, prepackaged ingredients & a tiny brown paper back with knick knacks (sauces etc.).  Everything was incredibly fresh.

I will admit, everyone was very willing to participate in cooking the meals once the box arrived.  Normally my family isn’t this intrigued.  Everyone was reading recipe cards and claiming what meals they wanted to prepare and eat.

The recipe cards were very easy to follow with many detailed photos.  Each ingredient is labeled and you can easily identify which veggie went with which recipe.  Minimal prep was required and within a short amount of time your meal was ready.  They even include bread/rolls etc. to finish off the dish.  We tried several recipes and our favorites by far with the broccoli and white bean burgers and the potato soup.

Some other delicious recipes we tried…

Blue Apron wanted to share a discount with my readers. They’re offering $30 off your first order or 3 free meals with a subscription. So are you ready to channel your inner-chef or get inspired by some new recipes?

Thank you Blue Apron for sponsoring this post.

— Knead to Cook

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  1. We’ve been trying out Hello Fresh and just received our first Blue Apron box. I’m not a foodie but really wanted to branch out with recipes and ingredients. I love the home delivery concept! When I buy, I buy too much which is then wasted and my portion sizes are not balanced at all. The services are great in helping us eat better, more in season food, and portion “control”…can’t wait to try our first Blue Apron meal and compare πŸ™‚

    1. Patti, My life struggle as well. I throw out way too much spoiled food and it kills me. I’ve really enjoyed it. My in-laws get their first box today and I’m so excited to hear what they think too! Its fun to cook outside the typical recipes we have in our arsenal. Happy 2017!!