Balsamic Black Bean Tempeh.

Balsamic Black Bean Tempeh
Balsamic Black Bean Tempeh | Knead to Cook

Balsamic Black Bean Tempeh.

I created this recipe while on my bike ride with my husband on Sunday.  It was a freezing ride and I needed to take my mind off the windchill and tap into my creative side with this new delicacy that the good folks at Smiling Hara Tempeh sent me.  I’ve never had black bean tempeh and was very excited to experiment with it.  My mind kept going to more of a Mexican themed dish but I wanted to divert from that and attempt this at a new angle.  Italian!  Garlic.  Balsamic.  Deep intense flavors was the way I wanted to go… and did.

To lighten up this dish, I served the tempeh over a bed of fresh organic arugula, roasted red pepper slices, pear slices and pumpkin seeds.  I then drizzled balsamic over the top to finish this dish off.  Super easy lunch or dinner that comes together very quickly.

My friends Smiling Hara Tempeh are on a mission that I’m so happy to help out with!!  They are looking to expand and make their awesome food available nationwide (currently only available in Whole Foods and Earth Fare stores in the south).  I’m happily sharing their kickstarter link here if you want to help.

I’m always happy to share and promote companies with similar philosophies with food as my own.  Here’s a little background on who they are.

Sustainability permeates every aspect of our philosophy. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, organically grown and sourced as locally as possible. We view the growth and profitability of our business as an opportunity to increase infrastrucure in our region. In business, as well as personally, we believe we are only as strong as the community and environment within which we exist.

Our goal is to educate the general public to the benefits of unpasteurized tempeh and bring it into the national spotlight. We are in the process creating a buzz around tempeh and forging a new trend in the health food world which will contribute to the health and nutrition of our customers, as well as the state of the local economy.

Together we have channelled our passions for community, self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, and a health-conscious lifestyle into a vibrant and rapidly growing enterprise. Smiling Hara is a company with a mission. Welcome aboard.

One block of black bean tempeh (I used Smiling Hara Tempeh) or you can use regular tempeh if you don’t have it on hand.
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 teaspoon of Bragg’s amino acids
3 tablespoons of a better quality balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon of Italian seasonings
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Salad base:

Arugula greens
Roasted red peppers
Pumpkin seeds
One pear, sliced thinly
Balsamic for drizzling
Ground pepper


First to make the marinade.  Place all of the ingredients for the marinade into a tupperware container and whisk to combine.  Then slice your tempeh into 9 squares or long slices – whichever you prefer.  Place the tempeh into the marinade, cover and give a gently toss to coat.  Refrigerate from 2-24 hours.

When the marinading process is complete- heat a pan with one tablespoon of olive oil over a medium flame.  Place the tempeh and remaining marinade in the pan. Cook each side for 5 minutes then remove.  While that’s cooking, assemble your greens, peppers and seeds on your plate.  Then just add the tempeh carefully on the top. Drizzle with a bit of balsamic and enjoy!




Fitness update:

Last week I finished out with 30 running miles!  I was thrilled as it was the highest mileage week since my surgery in August.  I was noticeably running slower and I was just feeling not as energetic but that was okay.  Friday night I slept over 9 hours, odd for me to say the least.  Saturday was a much-needed rest day and Sunday we rode 22 very chilly miles faster than I have before.  I learned quickly that I need some winter riding gear asap!  The ride was incredible and peaceful but cold. We hosted two nights of sleepovers so we rushed home to make breakfast for hungry teenagers.  Monday I ran 5 miles and had my pins, unexpectedly, removed because they were starting to cause an infection and make me feel even more exhausted. I knew something was up with my running and the need for more sleep.  The removal wasn’t typical as the pins preferred to remain with me then to be removed. The long and short of it is that the doc who removed them may be scarred for life, I know I am.  I’m bandaged up and unable to get my hand wet, run, exercise or pretty much do anything but sleep and relax till Friday’s appt.  So I listen and behave. Thankfully I had this post ready to go as I’m pretty much useless in the kitchen at this point.  Hope you are all well!



— Knead to Cook

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