Our vegan Thanksgiving from Herbivorous Butcher

I know the food fest of Thanksgiving is past & we’re all mentally on board for the next round of holidays however… I wanted to share our Thanksgiving highlights with you all.  This year we ordered our vegan entree (turkey, sausage, cheeses etc.) from Herbivorous Butcher in MN.  My youngest had suggested it & I was happy to oblige. Cooking for a living sometimes takes the sparkle of cooking a big holiday dinner.  We opted to limit the carnivore side a lot as everyone always seems to gravitate towards the vegan options (go figure).  So I ordered their Thanksgiving feast along with a gluten free sampler of pulled pork and chicken (yes it’s vegan) along with several cheeses.  Bill had their lunch meat in West Chester a few months ago and was in love… I just knew this was going to be fabulous & it was!

My youngest was quite excited about the maple sausage so that was the first dish to be prepared for breakfast.  Everyone enjoyed the maple deliciousness along with some pancakes we whipped up.  Look at it!  I beg you to tell me that doesn’t look like the animal counterpart sans the cruelty and artery clogging properties.  It was heavenly!

From there we began to prepare the stuffed “turkey” in the oven and cheese platters.  I opted to only put out the vegan cheeses as they are the first to go.  I also decided to make the pulled chicken for my dinner as it was gluten free.

If you’re vegan you know the cheese world is a bit sketchy.  Some are okay, maybe even good but not great.  Until now!  I loved the smoked gouda and cheddar so much.  We couldn’t stop!  Bill’s dad was even commenting asking why we were eating it because it was “REAL” cheese. Ha.

Sorry some pics are fuzzy as the light was not my friend that day.  Table was set with out vegan chocolate turkeys on each plate.

The stuffed turkey was a hit.  Great flavor and texture.  Again, even my carnivores opted for this over the meat option we had.  Again, success.
This is not a sponsored post yet just me sharing my wonderful experience with such an incredible vegan food company.  I highly recommend and yes, they have a wonderful Winter Holiday Feast on sale right now.  It will sell out much like the Thanksgiving feast.  Click here to order.

My enormous plate with the pulled chicken.  It was incredible along with the pulled pork!

Quick shot of Bill’s plate with the turkey.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday with great food, family & friends.  I’m so thankful for you and allowing me to share my vegan journey.



— Knead to Cook

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