Vega Sport Vanilla Granola Hemp Smoothie.

Vega Sport Vanilla Granola Hemp Smoothie.
Vega Sport Vanilla Granola Hemp Smoothie.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to share this last week when it was released.  Life has thrown me a curveball that derailed me.  So my sincerest apologies but here it goes PLUS a new smoothie recipe I’ve been obsessing over lately.

My absolute favorite vegan pre-workout, workout and post workout recovery fuel is Vega.  I’m not getting paid for this – it is just my honest review and testimonial.  I’m not fond of chemicals and weird ingredients to fuel my body.  Plus I have a sensitive stomach, as I’ve mentioned before.  My stomach revolts especially during training.  Vega works like a charm.  In fact, I just trained and ran a marathon using all of their products and I loved them.  They just came out with a totally free resource for new to experienced runners.  The Vega Sport site will be jam-packed with free resources including 8-weeks of training guides, meal plans, recipes, playlists, and nutritional education for preparing for your first or 30th 10K race, Half or Full-Marathon.  From playlists, training programs, to fueling – it has EVERYTHING!  Seriously – if you’re looking to training, work on speed, finding your comfortable pace to tackling race day… the information is all here.  If I didn’t love Vega – I love them more now!  All this information in one place… one resource created by experts.  Love it!

So let me get on to my recipe and then share a little bit more about how to sign up for this free running resource.



1.5 cups of whichever nut or soy milk of preference (I used cashew 25 calories unsweetened Silk milk)
1 banana (frozen preferably)
1 scoop of Vega Sport Vanilla recovery powder

1 teaspoon Hemp Hearts
1 handful of fresh baby spinach or kale leaves
8 cashews
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1/4 cup of granola + some for topping (I love Purely Elizabeth)
5-7 ice cubes


Place all of your ingredients into your high powered blender.  Blend on smoothie setting.  Pour into your glass and top with a bit of granola.  Get a straw and enjoy!



So are you a new runner or experienced looking for more training information? Have you plateaued and want to push forward? Need playlist ideas? Fuel? Whatever you goals are Vega Sport has put together a wealth of information that is free of charge to you.

Once signed up, free training and nutrition guides for running will be delivered for 8 consecutive weeks – each designed with the help of Lewis Morrison, Director of Sports Science at the Peak Centre for Human Performance. Want to see what these guides look like? Click below to see an exclusive first look at the first two guides in the series:
o Week 1 – Long Slow Distance Running Guide
o Week 2 – Tempo Running Guide

Here’s an example for you of one of the training plans:



Many questions I receive daily are about training.  Consider this your resource for all of your questions.

Ready to sign up?  Click here to get started. #fuelyourbetter

My recap for the week so far:

Sunday:  18 cycling miles
Monday: 5 treadmill miles/strength training
Tuesday: 6 outdoor miles
Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles/strength training

Happy hump day!


— Knead to Cook

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