The best ever dill chickpea tuna.

I’ve shared some other chickpea salad recipes but this has been my hardcore go-to. Tangy, creamy & oh so delicious. I add scoops of this to my salad for lunch or dinner. For Bill and my dad I put it on toasted sourdough bread. It’s so versatile. Also in a collard wrap or romaine boat. It’s so good. And a great meal prep idea for the week too!

This recipe is very loosely written, meaning if you love one ingredient more than the other, use more! Its very flexible!


2 cans of chickpeas
2 tbl of Dijon mustard
1 tbl of vegan mayo
1 palm full of fresh dill leaves
2 tbl of diced chives or finely chopped red onions
2 tsp of smoked paprika
A few dashes of hot sauce


Dried tart cherries
Golden raisins
Chopped almonds
Marcona almonds
Sunflower seeds
Pickled jalapeños or onions


Into a big bowl add your Dijon, mayo, hot sauce and paprika. Whisk to combine. Then add your chickpeas. Using a pestle (or the handle the handle of a spatula) mash the chickpeas. Then add your dill and any other mix ins and stir to combine.

Use as you wish!

Have the best day! -xx

— Knead to Cook

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