Simple Chardonnay Red Sauce.


Yesterday I noticed the bag of tomatoes that my husband had purchased at the farmer’s market for me to roast -last week.  Insert a crazy week and I never got around to it. I was debating between salsa or sauce and opted for sauce.  I was going to pair it up with my spaghetti squash (in lieu of pasta) that I also needed to roast (thank God for two ovens) and I had dinner set.  The unique twist on my standard sauce was that I grabbed a bottle of chardonnay instead of the red that I had on the counter and before I knew it – about a cup of the white wine was in my beloved roasted tomatoes.  Why can I see my grandmother and aunt rolling in their graves observing my mistake.  But mistake it was not!  I pureed the tomatoes and wine and was blown away by the unique flavor the chardonnay added to the sauce.  Hello my newest creation… I think I’m quite smitten with you.

Now, onto the recipe…


This recipe is very flexible and use what you have on hand or what you love!  This recipe made enough for 6 servings.

8 large tomatoes, washed, quartered
6 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
3 jalapeños, washed and sliced in half (remove the seeds if you don’t like heat, if you do leave them)
Salt and pepper
1 cup of chardonnay
Olive oil


Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.  Drizzle oil on a broiler pan or cookie sheet with sides.  Then place your tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños and salt and pepper.  Season with salt and pepper (be generous).   Drizzle with additional olive oil to coat.  Place in the oven to roast for 1-2 hours.  The tomatoes will look wilted and your kitchen will smell delightful.  There is no exact timing.  I just let them go until I’m ready.  Then spoon them out into a saucepan along with the juices in the pan and turn the heat up to medium flame.  Add the wine and puree with hand immersion blender.  Once the sauce boils, turn it down and cover it and let it simmer for about 30 minutes or longer if you need it.  Top your favorite pizza crust, pasta or squash with it.  We tore up fresh basil to top.



— Knead to Cook

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