Running: Change of Heart. Lucy Blog Post.


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Running: Change of Heart. Lucy Blog Post.

When Lucy Activewear asked me to write a post about my change of training/approach in running I was excited and overwhelmed.  This has become such a passionate subject to me but something that I feel that can be overwhelming.  I took a deep breath and wrote from my heart, literally.  My journey from marathon #2 in March through Ultra Marathon in early October.  It’s certainly been quite a humbling journey but an eye-opening one for me personally.  I hope it sheds some light on not being defined by a pace or time that you run but by the journey and ultimate achievement which is far more valuable.  Click here to read my post.

While on the running topic… my recap:
Sunday: 12 outdoor miles
Monday: 5 treadmill miles/strength/core
Tuesday: 8 outdoor miles
Wednesday: planned rest day

— Knead to Cook

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  1. I loved your post for Lucy and have been inspired by your dedication to HR training. My run this morning was fueled by you! At times, I glanced at my watch concerned about my pace but was reminded that every run has it’s purpose and today that was to just enjoy the distance.

    1. Chelsy, This makes me smile ear to ear!! It really does force you to stop and realize that you are allowed to just enjoy the run without being defined by a pace. πŸ™‚ HUGS!!!