Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde. Vegan. GF.



Roasted tomatillo salsa verde.  If you’re anything like me, different foods at the grocery store are intriguing but  not enough to get me to purchase.  Tomatillos are that to me.  I always marvel at how adorable they are but I never manage to actually purchase them.  This week I was feeling a bit more courageous, I suppose, and grabbed about 2 lbs of them thinking I would make some salsa verde.  I love salsa and pride myself on my Italian/Mexican salsa that my friends and family clamor for… so why not take a stab at this version.

This recipe is pretty easy but a bit more time consuming than traditional salsa.  The flavor is also vastly different – more on the sweet/slightly bitter side.  Totally different but absolutely lovely.  Looking forward to having this beautiful salsa on my taco bar Tuesday for my family to try.  What kind of salsa is your favorite?  I would love to know.


1-2 lbs of tomatillos, outer husk removed and washed – they have a sticky consistency just so you know!
2 large Serrano peppers, washed and sliced (seeds removed)
1 good handful of cilantro leaves, washed with stems removed


Turn your broiler on high.  Place your tomatillos and Serrano peppers on a baking sheet (with sides) or a broiler pan.  Avoid overlapping.  Place them in your oven to broil and blister for 4-6 minutes.  Remove after this time and flip them over to blister the opposite side.  Return to broil for another 4-5 minutes.

If you don’t have Serrano peppers – jalapeños would also work well.
With husks removed and washed… place on your broiler pan.
Round one complete of the blistering/broiling:
Don’t be concerned that they are burnt… this is perfect!
Then remove from the oven and let cool. After about 3-4 minutes, add everything (including all of the juices that were expelled during broiling) to your high speed blender like a Vitamix or food processor along with your cilantro leaves and a good pinch of salt.  Blend, pulsing off and on for a few seconds each time until you reach the desired salsa consistency. Adjust seasonings as desired and serve.

Salsas can be used in a variety of ways from breakfast to dinner.  Try adding this to a tofu scramble in the morning to your taco bar for dinner. Enjoy!
This week is moving right along.  My orthopedist has scheduled me for a strength assessment the beginning of September to determine if I’m ready to resume running.  My second opinion has suggested that running at 4 months is perfectly fine.  We shall see…

My workouts have been consistent this week and challenging.

Sunday: 23 trail cycling miles
Monday: 65m of elliptical. 35m treadmill. Weights, balancing & core.
Tuesday: 65m of elliptical. 40m treadmill. 3rd post op appt.
Wednesday: 65m of elliptical. 35m treadmill.  Weights, balancing & core.




— Knead to Cook

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